Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fa-La-La Felines

 Festive hellos to all from Winston.   I told Emily that she was worried about nothing.  We DID get presents!   We received a lovely soft blanket, a jangly toy with feathers and so many bags of Christmas treats!   You can tell how excited I am by my extra relaxing nap in this photo.
 Our mom went to visit family for Christmas dinner and presents too.
internet photo
Mom bought these slippers for her Mom.  They are Snoozies.  Our Mom said she didn't know the kitty ate the fish!  She thought both slippers were the same and had the kitty with its head n the fishbowl.

 Hello from Emily.  I hope everyone is recovering from the noisy, loud Christmas celebrations  I must admit that I am pleased with the feather on this toy.  It is also a comfort to know we have many extra bags of kitty treats now!  Though I am a bit disturbed over Mom's comments about the Pearl kitty.  Pearl is our Grandmum's cat and she is SPOILED!  Not like us ....extra spoiled. 
 Grandmum put this Santa Hat on Pearl.  Mom took the picture on Christmas morning.  If our Mom tried that sort of nonsense with us then she might feel the wrath of our feline claws!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Not So Silent Nights

 Festive purrs from Emily.   I hope everyone is doing well.  Winston and I are a little concerned.  There is only one more shopping day before Christmas and we have seen no sign of a present for us!  Should we be concerned or is Mom hiding our present exceptionally well this year?!
 We think Mom is gallivanting about far too much.  She likes looking at the Christmas light!  We say, silly Mom, there are plenty of lights at home to look at.
Winston and I have Mom all to ourselves this week.  Hooray!  She can cater to our every feline whim!   She was up bright and early this morning to take a long walk in the park.
 Still, we are a teeny bit concerned about the lack of presents.  However, she did bring us a wonderful paper bag this afternoon after she finished her grocery shopping.
 Happy Christmas from Winston.  This is an older photo of me.  I think I look very mysterious.  Actually, I am just sitting on the edge of the sofa with my face furs over the lamp.  It is a wonderful way to get some light during the cold, dark winter months.
 I know Emily is a bit concerned about presents but I'm fairly confident the Mom will follow through with some fun or delicious.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Festive Felines

 Hello!   Tuckered out Emily here!  Winston and I are tired from trying to get Mom to set up one of our blog posts.  She is blaming everything on the time of year!
 She says Christmas is lovely but also very busy!   Mom says it is as if time speeds up but there isn't enough of it to get everything done!

 Mom had a lovely weekend while Winston and I snoozed and bickered the weekend away!  She went to her first Christmas concert!   She had so much fun!
Mom said one of the things on her "to-do" list before Christmas is a festive beverage at a Coffee Shop.  She loved the peppermint hot chocolate she had last year!
 However, Mom also said she would love to some time to slow down and relax to enjoy the season.  So, Mom which is it with you!  Winston and I prefer to relax.
(this fireplace photo is from a bed and breakfast cabin she stayed at a few years ago.  She just threw in the photo because it looked so cozy!)
 Grumpy purrs from Winston.  That Mom truly is slacking off.  I'm surprised we managed to coerce her into this post!
 Christmas ornaments
 Lots of snow here in the last 48 hours.  Emily and I are so thankful for our warm sofa and chair to nap on!
 Mom said this is a selfie!  she didn't realize until after that her reflection was in all of the ornaments.
 Hungry squirrel looking for grub!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

 Purrs of hello from Emily.  I am thankful to be inside today!  We have nasty weather--freezing rain, ice pellets, snow and high winds.  The moaning of the wind woke our Mom up this morning.
 The weather was the reason for several cancellations!  Mom was thankful to be inside for the most part.  She was able to get a lot of cleaning done!  Hooray! 
She also took a lovely long nap and read a book.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Feline Holly and Jolly

 Hi!  Winston here.  Mom disturbed my nap with a flash from the camera!  How dare she!   I was a tiny bit cheeky back to her. 
Mom's family came this past weekend to help her with Christmas decorating.  It is a bit early but it was the only day that worked for everyone!

 Mom found this tiny white ceramic tree!  She loves it.  The only problem is that Emily and I love it too!  So the Mom put it up on the top bookshelf!
Hello from Emily!  I am doing some kitty yoga here. 
I had fun visiting with Mom's company on Saturday.  They said I was lovely and cuddled me.
Mom's family brought some treats. 
 The Mom said these cookies were so pretty she didn't want to eat them.  She held off for an entire day.  She said they tasted as yummy as they looked!
Mom's sister is a bad influence on her.  Mom admired these socks AND bought them!  Mom said it is a frivolous purchase. She smiles, though, every time she looks at them.
From Pinterest

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Soup and Snuggle Weather

 Hello!  Winston here.  I'm staying warm and cozy cuddled up in the laundry basket of warm clothes.   It has become very wintery here! Mom is aghast!  She thinks it is much too early for snow.
View from our window
 On Monday morning she decided, at the last minute, to wear her boots to work.  Thankfully!  The sidewalks were clear on the walk to work but a snowy mess on the walk back!
 Contented hello from Emily.  Winston and I get to snuggle down when it is cold and snowy.  Hooray!  We let the Mom do all the walking for errands and the like.
Mom walking in the snowy park
Photo from Campbells Soup

It has been so wintery that Mom has made 2 big pots of soup in the last couple of weeks.  She said it really hits the spot after a cold walk home.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fur Nerd Approved!

 Hello!  Winston here.  I am doing double duty as a cupboard inspector.  Mom did several chores during her vacation that she normally would not have had time to do!  One of her tasks was to tidy the kitty food cupboard!  I say she did a good enough job!
Internet image
Mom finally got me a birthday present: the nip nanner! Emily and I both love it!   I tried to decimate it the moment Mom put the toy down in front of me.
 The Mom was grateful to have time to walk in a nearby park.  She said it was relaxing.
However, there was one walk I didn't find serene....the walk to see my vet, Dr. B.
I yowled and complained the entire walk down.  Mom was impressed by my vocal range.
 This photo is me resting my vocal cords.  Also, Mom said I was heavy.  Dr. B said that I looked younger than my 14 years!
 Here are some happy cookies that Mom's family had at their Thanksgiving get together.  Here in Canada  Thanksgiving is in October.
 Hello now from Emily.  I am enjoying a spa moment from the comfort of the dining room table.
Winston and I were not the only ones to get a little something.  Mom found a pair of ankle boots to wear during the cooler, but not the winter, months.
Internet image

Mom thought this bird looked a bit like a cormorant.   It did not look like the regular ducks, geese and swans at the park lake. Any ideas? She is sorry that the photo is so fuzzy!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Winston and Emily Work Overtime!

Purrs from Winston AND Emily.  We are trying to help Mom study at the dining room table.  Trust us when we say she needs all the help she can get!   So--the Mom is on vacation!
 See!  Winston kitty demonstrating what she should do on her vacation!
 Emily also giving an example of how to relax during her time off!
 Mom thinks she is so funny!   She was very excited!
 She walked almost 5 miles to pick up her favourite tea!  So now she can slurp (sip) tea while reading her newest book!
 Mom has read one other book by this author.  She said the writing is beautiful.  The story is set during the second world war and follows the lives of several people trying to survive the Nazi regime.  Mom says it is not always easy to read but that it is worth the effort.
 Mom's vacation socks were ready for her to put on when she got home from work on Friday night.  She celebrated with frozen pizza and a can of root beer.  Mom tries to stay away from pop but she made an exception this one time!
 Mom is hoping to get started on that scarf soon.   We can tell she is starting to wonder if she can actually do this project.  Well, Mom, you bought the yarn and the knitting needles.  We think you better get it a try!
 Mom went on her first autumn park walk this morning.  She loves the changing leaves.
 The warm glow of colour all around her.
 Mom said it looked like this tiny sparrow was trying to say hello!