Sunday, August 26, 2018

Buddha Boy and Emily

 Hi everyone.  It is Emily.  I'm really enjoying my cozy spot in this box.  Plus I have a nip toy.  Life is good felines.  I'm so happy to be back and chatting again.  Our Mom has been busy and feeling a bit under the weather.   She keeps checking the countdown app on her cell phone.  As of now, she has 40 days 3 hours 23 minutes and 10 seconds until her 2-week vacation.  Not that she is feeling anxious for it or anything. MOL.
 Mom has been walking early to run her errands.  She says the weather is cooler and the walk is more pleasant.   She also enjoys the quiet and morning light.
 This is a tiny park with a fountain.   She loves the serenity here.
 Mom laughed when she saw this sign at the store.
 Mom likes this cartoon. We felines know the feeling.   Only we can just take a nap someplace cozy.
I'll pass things on to Winston now.
 Purrs from Winston the Buddha Boy.    Mom loves this pose!   She says it makes her happy.  (I say she needs to get out more!)
 For the first time in ages, Mom took her camera and went for a walk in the park.   This leaf says the seasons are changing.
 Cheery yellow flower.
 A graffiti artist posted this on a bridge....and here is the view.
 Mom thought the view was rather lovely.
 A squirrel.  Mom said the squirrel wanted treats but Mom had none for the little furry rodent. 
I should think not!  If any treats are to be had it should be for Emily and me!
 We will close with some happy/inspiring/ funny pins from Pinterest!
 This one might be Mom's favorite!
 In case anyone out there is having a trying day.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


 Hello.  A quick post.  It's Winston and Emily today.  Our Mom says she is too busy to write our weekly post.  So Winston and I decided to "negotiate" who of us would take over.
Emily is winning in this photo.

 Still more negotiating...with a game of smacky paws.
 We think that this week we will just say hello and leave you with some funnies from Pinterest.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Storms and Spa Days

 Hello from Winston.  I'm on our favourite kitty spot.  I had to fight Emily for this place.   We have had an eventful week!  Emily had her spa day (more later), we had a storm etc.
 Our storm was fun!  Well, I thought it was fun.   I like to run to the window and see what is going on.  Miss Emily likes to run and hide.  Mom says Emily has more sense.  I say that I have a spirit of adventure.
 Since the weather has been so hot and humid our Mom has been walking to the grocery store early in the morning.  She left around-ish 7:30 on Sunday.   The air was still cool and the sun was gentle.
This tiny park is one of her favorite places.  She loves the sounds of the water falling gently into the pool below.
 These tiny purple flowers were thankful for the rain on the previous day! 
 Hello from Emily.   I'm enjoying the cool linoleum floor on my tummy!  Winston can keep the kitty perch!  I did have my spa day last Friday.   I had my own adventure.  Mom walks me to the vet's office in our special carrier.  There are all sorts of things going on!  I can hear birds singing, cars zooming by, people talking.   I wanted to make sure Mom knew I was still there so I gave her a little serenade as well.  I'm just thoughtful that way!