Sunday, November 7, 2021


> Hello. Winston Kitty here. We hope everyone is well. Can you believe that we it is alreay November? Mom says her favourite season goes by too quickly! Mom is still feeing me my dry kidney food. I like it...a little. Emily likes it more than I do, though. I also get wet food every day with a tablespoon of warm water. Mom says it looks disgusting. I love it!
It is my turn now, Winston! Since the weather started getting colder I have been more more cuddly. I like to snuggle with Mom sometime in the evening when she watches Netflix. I'm also a very good coach. When Mom does her stretches I like to meow at her and make sure she watches her feet by walking around her ankles. Perhaps I should aske for a raise in treats?!
Mom says that she loves the time she is able to walk through the park and see the glowing leaves. It is very peaceful in the park. Even there are a lot of woofies and joggers and birds!
A cheeky sparrow! Winston and I wish everyone a lovely week. Purrs to you all. We will close with this funny from Pinterest.