Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Willow Update

After speaking with the vet, she has decided to put Willow on deworming meds. If Willow's symptoms improve then all is good. If her symptoms persist, then I need to contact the vet's office again. I'm surprised. Willow had a clean bill of health when I adopted her. I also had my own vet check her out. My cats never go outside. Any gentle advice is welcome. Again, not sure if this is the case but it is how the vet decided to proceed. Thank you people.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Please Send Willow Healing Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who visiting and wished my Willow good health. I've sent the vet (over the weekend)several emails and a voicemail. I had one email asking me to clarify something but that is all. The office is closed now again for the day. Hopefully, the lack of response means that they don't think her symptoms are serious. I'll keep you posted when I hear/find out anything. Thank you again.