Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winston and Oscar make an introduction

Peoples and felines,
Winston and Oscar here again today.  We have a "visitor" at our home.  Her name is Emily.
Mom says we must try to behave like gentlemen because everything seems scary and new to her.
We are trying very hard to be good.  Mom says she is proud of us.  Emily  is small and just over a year old.  So far she loves to sleep and explore.  We will try to keep you all posted but taking care of our human and being a gentleman is hard work.  Take good care felines and their peoples.  We hope to keep you posted!


Content (for the moment)


Monday, July 21, 2014

Winston and Oscar touch base

 Hello folks and felines,
It is I, the Winston kitty, here to update you on our goings on as Mom says she doesn't really feel up to things right now.  I am showing you a couple photos of some little critters that Mom saw on her recent walks this past while.  She said they were delectable....What?  Adorable?  Are you sure?  They look delectable to me.  Oh well, to each her own.
 Here is a Mr. Bunny with bright eyes and alert ears.
 Here is a cheeky chippy.  Mom laughs when she catches a glimpse of these tiny dudes.  This one posed nicely for her.
 Hi all, Oscar kitty interrupting his nap to relate a few things.  Lately, I have noticed Mom doing some unusual things.  For instance, she went through her Christmas decorations and got out her angel candle holder.  Then, since Lucy got sick until now, she has kept a flame-less candle glowing at all times. 

 Then she bought a rose.  She has it in a crystal vase right next to the glowing angel.  She says it brings her comfort.
 She forced herself to visit with a friend in a coffee shop and ended up having a lovely time.  She says she even *laughed*!

Monday, July 14, 2014


"(Cats) have a way of finding the people who need them, Filling an emptiness we don't even know we have."
(Thom Jones)
Update-Lucy was taken to the vet and I think we all thought it was her time.  She is home.  She is still not going to get better and it still may be soon BUT right now the vet, after looking at Lucy and talking with me, thinks we may have a bit more time.  My heart feels light.   We have been given a temporary reprieve. Thank you everyone

Friday, July 11, 2014

Winston kitty and the thankful list

 Mom was reading one of her favorite blogs earlier this week, Just Cats by Deb, and saw a posting on things that make you smile.  We thought that was a great idea and thought we would put together a list.  Winston kitty is thankful for boxes and for the straw that Mom gave him.  A straw just for him!  Plus, just before Mom leaves in the morning, she throws treats for Winston so he will be distracted have a lovely nibble.
 Oscar kitty is thankful for warm lamp light, comfy afghans and snuggling up to  Mom when it's time for her to sleep.
 Lucy kitty is thankful for supervised escapes into the hallway, scratching the carpet without being reprimanded and lots and lots of brushings and cuddles.  Mom also made Lucy a comfy kitty burrito blanket!  Lucy loves those!

Mom is thankful for a recent walk at dusk.  There was a beautifully soft breeze and a singing robin.  Mom says something about a robin singing makes her heart feel peaceful    Plus, she saw some beautiful daisies nodding at her as she went by.
Take care all.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Being Thankful for Lucy

 Lucy kitty is lounging on the back of the sofa as this is typed.  She is still her sweet, cuddly self  but not really eating.  I remember picking her up at a rescue shelter 11 years ago.  My heart hurting because I had lost my Bronte kitty.  I had been looking over all the strays in need of a home but, in the end, it was Lucy who caught my heart.  I picked her up and she curled up in my arms purring and not wanting to get down.  I called her a little heart healer.  It's a nickname I've been calling her ever since.

Friday, July 4, 2014

News --updated july 5th

Update July 5
Lucy is at home now.   We are hoping that we might have a bit more time with her if she will eat.   The vet said if she doesn't eat that is Lucy's way of letting me know....
Lucy was quite distant and quiet at first last night.  I think she may have even caught onto some of my mood...which was pretty I faked cheery and started brushing her and talking to her.  She did eventually perk up.  She even ate 3 small forkfuls of food.  She drank water.  Lucy started to purr again.  I was up until after one just so I could spend time with her.  Feeling tired   She has only had about 5 treats today.  Not drinking, not really eating but purring and head butting.
Right now, I just want more time with her.
Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and purrs.