Monday, August 31, 2015

Another episode and technicians and head bopping

Good morning.   Can you see me?   Mom couldn't find me either.  It's me...Emily hiding under the chair.   I love this new hiding spot.   Anyway I'm here to tell you what we have been up too.   I've included some funnies this week because, quite frankly, our Mom is in a bit of a tizzy.  Her internet service was done for several days.   She feels quite lost without it.  

So I reminded her of feline healing powers with the above cartoon!   She liked that one.  So did we of course.   But she still wanted the internet back.  Thankfully, after half a week some technician came to rectify the matter.
This is me and Winston sniffing the toolbox to make sure everything meets with our approval.   We gave it a very thorough going over before we decided everything was O.K.   I would like to add that Mom was quite rude to me!  She said in a yell-y kind of a voice "Emily, STOP chewing those wires!"  Can you believe her?   I'm only inspecting everything.   Hmph.   Anyway, the technician was quite smitten with the Winston.  He kept scratching Winston's ears and saying how fluffy he was.  Personally, I think Winston was being a show off.

This leads to my next cartoon.    Mom thought this was funny.  I failed once again to see the humor.  The Mom will never learn her proper place I think.  It's a long, uphill battle my fellow felines.
I didn't want to be too hard on her, though, as she is worried about Oscar.  He had another spell on Friday and Mom called a cab to take him to the vet.  The vet gave Oscar some fluids and cerenia...again.   The Oscar kitty keeps staying too long in the sun and then it becomes too much for him.   Even though Mom was checking on him that day on a regular basis it was still a bit of a situation.   This photo of Oscar is him following around the Mom.   He has started to follow her even though his back leg is so achy.  Mom thinks it's sweet and tries to give him extra ear scritches.
Also-in an attempt to keep Oscar away from our 2 huge windows (that start at the floor and are slightly taller than the Mom--about 5'9) Mom has barricaded them with footstools and books and even our kitty condo.    She is fretting he will still manage to get there and over heat.   She joked to me that she felt like she was preparing for the zombie apocalypse. 
Once again I refer her to this.......

Monday, August 24, 2015

Is it Monday already?

 Hello All-You don't mind if I just stay snuggled on this comfy towel, do you?  It's Monday and I'd rather not have to face it quite yet!   Since I'm the Winston kitty I think I should be allowed to snooze away the Monday if I want.   The Mom person went shopping with some friends over the weekend.   While she mostly purchased dull, practical UN-KITTY related items there were a few things that caught her eye.
 In a craft store she saw this cute little photo cat stamp.   Yup-she wanted it.   But she left it there and consoled herself with a photo of it instead.  Why would she want a stamp when she has 3 fabulous fluffy felines anyway?  People...who can understand them!
 Hi.   Thanks for disturbing my nap in the sink, Mom   Pfftt.....don't you have something better to do like clean our litter boxes!  It's Emily now.  Yup.  The Mom enjoyed her shopping visit.   She said there were signs that autumn is coming.   She saw this scarifying wreath at the same craft store.  She also saw a pretty Thanksgiving wreath but the photo didn't turn out very clear

 Purrs to all.  It's Oscar.  I came back from the vets in the middle of last week.  I have to admit that I feel a bit rickety and rough but the Mom tries to make sure I'm comfy.   I get heated pads for my leg and food placed close by.   The Mom also lifts me up whenever I jump onto the couch. She tells me that several of the nice people out there sent me healing wishes and some advice on how to help me feel better.   I want to thank you for that!  The Mom is looking into some of the advice you gave her.   But now....more on that silly shopping trip.  The Mom saw yarn!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Miss Emily with Feline News

 Good morning felines and their peoples,  
Emily here today to tell you about our weekend.   First off Mom went to a nice restaurant for her Mom's birthday.    The restaurant, the Mandarin, gave the birthday girl a nice cupcake with a candle.
 The restaurant was out of town for our Mom and so she had to "hitch" a ride both ways.  Even so, she enjoyed seeing her family for a while.
This is Winston in his Buddha Boy pose.   *whispers--he can be sensitive about this pose as the Mom often giggles and tries to pet his love handles*   Anyway, the Winston wanted me to tell you that the Mom person enjoyed the buffet and was able to sample a few things she never tried before.  What she liked most, though, was this!

Nanaimo Bars!

 The Mom person was good...see how tiny the slice of  bar is in comparison to the grapes.  Very tiny.   We are not supposed to tell you that she went back for one more piece.   Her secret is safe with us.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oscar update

Oscar has been at the vet's for a couple of days now and the vet wants him to remain over the weekend.  His symptoms are a bit of a mystery.  His blood work came out fine as did his x-rays.   The vet is speculating that he may have injured himself (perhaps while falling-his back leg gives out because of the arthritis) or he may be reacting to one of his meds.  Thanks for your thoughts for my orange boy.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Walks and Vet visits

Hello all,  Winston here to give a quick post.  This is a photo of me trying to convince Mom that I need more food.   I KNOW there are two bowls of food already but I like her to make up another bowl just for me.   *sigh*  Some days it takes some convincing.
The Mom took a very long walk on Saturday and saw lots of cool stuff these pretty flowers...
She also saw this cheeky chippy.  She said that the little guy stood so still that she was beginning to think he wasn't real!   I wouldn't have been fooled.
Mom took Oscar for his fourth shot of Convenia this morning.  She is still waiting to hear if he needs another shot next Monday.   The Mom was quiet when she brought Oscar home.  He lost a bit more weight again down to 8.6 from 8.9.   She tries to make him comfy all the time with soft blankets, towels and her own personal heat pack.   At night, just before she goes to bed, she tried to cuddle with Oscar.   He used to sleep by her head every night but his arthritis doesn't allow for that any more.   So Mom tries to make up for it by cuddle sessions in the evening.  On Saturday Oscar cuddled with Mom so long that she got stiff but she didn't want to move as he seemed so comfy.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stormy weather for a holiday Monday

 Purrs and salutation from your favorite Buddha boy, Winston!   Guess what?  I went in to see Doctor B. and got my annual tummy fur shave.   I have one cool, sleek stripe down my tummy.   In addition I was de-matted and groomed.  I felt so fine.   Mom could tell I was feeling chipper!  When I got home I stood on my hind legs like a person and begged for ear scritches and lovings!   Nothing makes me feel good like cool breezes across my tum and a nice grooming.   Anyhow-enough about me.   We had a dreadful thunderstorm the other day.
 This was the view from our window.   There was lightening and hail and crazy wind.   There was even a clap of thunder so loud and sudden that our Mom shrieked like a girl and hurt our sensitive ears.  Don't worry, though, as I gave her a reproachful stare.   She can be such a wuss!
 Oscar went to the vet as well for another of his Convenia shots.   He lost a tiny bit of weight but his heart rate seems to have settled down.  This was good news.  The vet told Mom, though, to increase his thyroid medication by 1 unit for his evening dose.  The morning dose will remain the same.
 I don't want you to be too scarified about the bad weather here so I'm showing you this twilight photo of a serene sunset.    Breathe, peoples, I don't want you so unsettled that your felines suffer any ill effects.
 This is Emily being a brat.  Mom is trying to read and Emily won't let her.  I mean just look at that massive furry paw.   No way Mom can get anything done with Emily being so bossy!
 Emily wanted me to post this photo.   Mom recently had a pedicure.  She loves all the different colors.   She finally settled on some tranquil shade of blue called "making waves"   I don't get why Emily and Mom are so intrigued with such things.  It must be a girl thing!