Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday morning

 Hello felines and their peoples-Oscar and Winston here today.  We are going to interrupt our cuddle bug session to keep you up to date on our busy feline lives!   Oscar kitty had his fourth, and we hope final, antibiotic shot this morning.  The vet says his weight has remained stable.  We have our paws crossed that all will remain well.  Our Mom has been feeling the need for some down time recently.  Once of her favorite ways of "chilling", besides our snuggle sessions of course, is to take a photo walk.  Her favorite time of day is early morning. 
 The sky at this time of day is always changing.
 She likes the softer light and the cool air.   She said there was a lot of bird song.  We felines think the bird song part sounds pretty amazing!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Emily helps!

Imagine my chagrin, my fellow felines, when I was informed that I was expected to pull my weight around the home.  I am supposed to help out around the house.   *sigh*  I'm not one to shirk my duties so I decided to help the humans.
I dusted with my floofy tail!  Here I am giving the china hutch a good once over! 
I even snoopervised the the washing of dishes!   Trying to keep Mom in line is no easy feat!  I think she may have thought "bribing" me with treats  might distract me.  N'uh uh, Mom!   I'm watching you!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday morning vet visit

 Hello all.  It's me again.  I get to host this blog today because I had to go to the vet's office again for my antibiotic.   Guess what?   This morning the vet, Dr. B., told Mom that not only did I have a ruptured abscess BUT I had a urinary tract infection.  This means Mom gets to trot me off to the vet for two more Mondays.
 Here is one of our kitty carriers.   Mom is now trying to take a cab instead of walking us to the vet.  It costs more but she thinks it might be less stressful!
Speaking of stress.   Here are some ways Mom has been trying to unwind the last little bit.
 She took this photo a few years ago at a cabin.   She says there is nothing like a cool, crisp autumn day to enjoy a crackling fire and a mug of warm tea.   See those cookies?  The lady who owned the cabin baked them just for Mom her family. 
 She also splurged on a pedicure.   Mom says she doesn't know why but seeing her toenails swished with color makes her happy.  She chose the pale blue color just because she is a wild woman!  (snort!)
 Finally, to close, we are showing Winston's tummy fur before his summer shave.  Gosh, look at all that fur.   Don't think you can pet him, though, he'll turn on you faster than a grumpy bear with a honey pot.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Smacky paws of Doom

 Hello felines and peoples,  It is Oscar here today.  I am feeling much better now that I have had some antibiotics!  Mom is happy that I seem to be feeling so much better.  She said between the "thyroid thing" and the abscess, she feels wiped.   I feel better, though, purrs!
It has been feeling more like October than early September here.   Brrr.....Mom even started wearing her comfy slippers again!   She is craving warm beverages, too!
Mmmmm.chai latte with cinnamon on top.  That would mellow her out!  
 She is seeing more of this as she walks to and from work.  The leaves are turning color--rust, gold cinnamon.   She loves a gentle autumn rain.   But, before you get too mellow, I will close with this....Emily seems to respect me but, with Winston,  she feels a certain familiarity! Harrumph!
They will start off being friendly, washing each others face, but it will end like this. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Stuff--Update

I never did hear back from the vet the other day.  However, when I got home from work last night about 9:30, I saw Oscar was leaving a trail of blood  :(   I e-mailed the vet and she told me to bring him in before I came into work today.  She saw him right away this morning and thinks he may have a ruptured abscess in his anal glands.  My poor little guy.  The vet says she will give him antibiotics and keep me posted.  She also thinks I should be able to bring him home today after my work shift.  Keep my orange boy in your thoughts! 
 Hello felines and their human servants,  'Tis me.  The Oscar kitty here to quickly relate what has been going on in our corner of the world.  I have been napping lots.  Mom is still worried about me and frets a fair bit.  She called the vet again today and is waiting for a phone call back.
We have had a lot of rain.  Mom took this photo when she had to throw out the trash in the evening.  She turned the flash on--the rain looks like little stars!
Mom had her umbrella with her on her walk to work but she still got soaked through!   Her top was still damp more than three hours later!  
 Hello--it's Winston and Emily here.  This photo of us demonstrates Emily showing us her special kitty kung-fu move called the paws of doom!  Are you folks and felines scarified of Emily yet?  Tee hee.  Neither was Winston!  Anyway, more stuff that happened in the last bit.  Mom and some of her family came had a nice visit not too long ago.  They went to one of their favorite breakfast spots and enjoyed some food and conversation!

 Mom has been trying to do a bit of shopping for Christmas since late August.  She came across this pottery mug and was going to put it in her gift drawer.  Guess what?  Somehow that mug ended up on her counter next to her tea tin.  Oh Mom, what are we going to do with you?   That mug was for Christmas NOT your tea time!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sharing the Sink

Poor Oscar.   Previously, the water faucet in the bathroom belonged only to him.   The other day Emily discovered that not only was it fun to catch dripping water BUT also learned that the sink is quite comfy.  In fact, it looks as if it were made to fit an Emily sized kitty!  
 Loved her side long glance at Oscar as she defiantly remained in the sink!