Sunday, March 26, 2017

Felines and Insomnia-NEVER!

Hello.  It's Emily.  I hope everyone had a nice week.   Here it's been a busy week but a lazy Sunday.   Well, any day can be a lazy day for me!  It's dreary outside with a chill rain  and a raw wind.  Mom stayed inside and tidied.   Mom also read.   I helped out by taking her spot on the sofa and keeping it warm when she had to get up.   Mom really appreciated it!
Here are some tulips Mom saw at the grocery store.  She says they cheer up your heart!
She also drank lots of tea.  She loves her new kettle.
Purrs from Winston.  Excuse me if I don't get up!   Can you believe it?  But Mom taped me earlier this week and apparently I was snoring.   Loudly.   Mom said it was cute.  Whatever!   I don't suffer at all from this strange malady called "insomnia"  You humans, I'll never understand!     Mom says that sometimes things that bother her during the day seem so much worse in the middle of the night!
from Pinterest
Do your humans sometimes have this strange problem!?  Imagine NOT sleeping.  Sometimes I'll try and help by purring beside her but I'm not going to spoil her.
Hi again from Emily.   Yes, not sleeping sounds like such an odd thing.   Even if something bothers that bug on the wall I can't catch.  Or maybe Winston stealing my favorite toy.   Things like this never keep me from getting my beauty rest.   Purrs.
I'll close for now with this photo...
Mom loves snowdrops.  She says they are small and delicate but sturdy.  A sign of hope.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lazy cats and teacups

 Hello!   It's Winston saying hello today!  We hope everyone is doing well.   We are wondering because we had the time change last week and our Mom is a bit foggy brained!   Since Emily and I  can nap whenever we please we couldn't care less about Daylight Savings Time.  Mom, however, is a bit of a mess!
 This is photo taken from our living room window just after an evening rain shower.   If you look carefully you might even be able to see the raindrops on our window!   It was a beautiful sky!
 Mom had to buy lunch a few days ago.  While she was tempted by these lovely, freshly baked goodies she resisted and purchased a salad.   A salad.   Boring!   We hear there was even kale in it!
 Mom snapped this photo of me after I escaped into the hallway.   She calls me Marco Polo because of my explorer tendencies.  Sometimes I will gallop down the hall just to see if Mom will try to catch me.  It really is quite fun.  She grumbles things like:  there are dogs living on this floor you know Winston!  Pshaw!  No woofie is a match for me!  I'm a racing cheetah!
 Anyway, after a long and busy week at work Mom rested up on the week.  She and a friend went to the movie theater to see Beauty and the Beast.   It was a very last minute plan.  Mom said she really enjoyed the movie!  She would even watch it again.
 Mom says people need to see a splash of pretty color at this time of year.  Everything is so drab.   Even the snow is muddy!
 I'm throwing in this photo of me investigating Mom's tea cup. Don't worry my nose didn't get singed.   There was no tea inside! 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cozy cats and more Celebrations

Hello from Winston.  It's early on Monday morning so I thought I would start my day with something nice like saying hello to all of you.  I'm tuckered out, though, because Mom spent more time celebrating this weekend.  For somebody who got a year older she certainly is taking it well!
First off---
here is a spring bouquet of flowers for you.  Mom especially enjoyed the pussy willows!
Like I said earlier the Mom did a bit more celebrating this weekend.  But before the fun stuff...the everyday errands!   We had some very snowy weather on Saturday!   Mom ducked into an alleyway hoping it would be a short cut.   She had gone to the health food store to find some tea, among other things. Mom enjoys her new cell phone camera (new to her-the phone used to belong to her sister).  However, she still has some challenges figuring out the technical stuff.  Sometimes, without her quite knowing how it happened, the camera switches to "selfie-mode"!   She doesn't like it.  However, I'm sharing one of her unintentional selfies here....
Tee hee!   Her shoulder, scarf and hair.   It was very snowy!!  The weather people say that a snow storm is supposed to start rolling in today!

Cozy purrs now from Emily!   Yes, we are expecting a lot of snow!  I know Mom is secretly hoping for  a snow day!   Dream on, Mom!  Anyway, I get to tell you a bit more about Mom's other celebrations.  She met with a bigger group of people on Saturday evening and went to an Italian restaurant!  Mom was so excited that she hadn't had any lunch that day so she was a tiny bit hungry!
Her friend's husband ordered an espresso!   Mom likes coffee but she knows she shouldn't drink it!  She needs to sleep .     Doesn't it look pretty, though? 
 She had a refreshing cup of peppermint tea and white cheesecake!  She said the cheesecake was delicious!
 Mom said upon reflection later that day she has realized how blessed she was to have so many kind people in her life.   She was thankful for all of the wishes, special meals at restaurants and thoughtful gifts.   She received tea, homemade goodies, some pretty teacups, a beautiful name just a few.  Mom has some very kind friends and family!  (and us felines...don't forget us)
I'm just throwing in this plate from a restaurant where Mom was treated to breakfast.  Mom is twiterpated with plates!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Presents and Sofa Wars

 Hello from Emily.  I hope everyone is staying warm!  After almost two weeks of mild weather we are back in the deep freeze.    Brrr!  I've discovered that the back of the sofa, close to where Mom sits, is very comfy!  Sometimes I allow Winston to sit here but, for the most part, I've taken it over.
 The Mom person took this photo on her trek to work.   She said that, though you can't see it, there were tiny snowflakes drifting down from the pewter colored sky!  Chilly but pretty.
Guess what?!  I had to go to the vet again for another grooming session.   We had to wait awhile as the vet was delayed by an emergency!   However, I made sure it was worth everyone's time.  Look at all my fur!  Mom was aghast.  I am a bit more calm with the brush but I still wouldn't let them trim my beautiful claws! Ha.   I'm not just a fluff...I'm fierce.
 I think it's a bit sad, though, that Mom won't be able to vacuum up all this fur from the carpet or sofa.  Don't worry, it's shedding season.  I'll do what I can to make sure she isn't too bored.
 Mom thought she was being funny when she put her cat sock on me.  Hmpfh.....I'm a bit cross in this photo because Mom quickly took out all the warm, clean laundry.  She just left an old towel in there for me to snuggle up on. 
Well, I guess I'll let Winston talk now.

 Mom's family came a bit early to help her celebrate her b-day.   Here I am, Winston, the mighty warrior cat, guarding Mom's present.  Do you see that green bow?  Well there was a butterfly on top of it!   I apologize for the fuzzy photo quality.   It was dark in the dining area and Mom doesn't like using the camera flash inside. is what Mom got.   A really fancy tea kettle!
 Mom was so excited (she really should get out a bit more!)
 This is photo of me with our newest toy! Mom thought we should get a present too!   It's a dragon fly on a pink string.   We like to whap it with our paws! 
 Here I am enjoying the new bed.   Did I mention that Emily has practically stolen my favorite spot on the back of the sofa.  She is a tiny, furry sofa thief!

Mom said the sofa is big enough for everyone!   Blah blah blah...boring stuff about sharing!  It is a very comfy sofa.   Perfect for Mom to relax, read, watch tv!   Maybe I could try to share the back of the sofa with Emily.  I'll think about it!