Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Distressing Developments

 Winston kitty here today with a bit of distressing news.  The other day, after Mom got home from work, I thought I detected a foreign feline scent on the hem of her pant leg.  Sure enough, after some delicate questioning on my part, Mom confessed to letting "another cat" sniff her leg and then she gave it a treat!   I am wounded to the core of my soul, kitties
 Mom tried to defend her actions by saying that the kitty needed some comfort.   No. No. NO.   There can be no other felines in our Mom's affections.  Has any other feline out there had to deal with this kind of emotional trauma?

Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers...and snow!

 Hello everybody!   It's Oscar kitty, or as Mom sometimes calls me, Boo Bear!  There is never a dull moment when there are felines around.  I make sure Mom keeps hopping.  I have bad arthritis and can't jump and leap as well as I used too.  What I have discovered, though, is that if look at a counter or chair AND then look at Mom with my soulful eyes she will pick me up and lift me to my desired destination! *Score*  I like to sleep by Mom's head and last night I made her pick me up three times (thus waking her up I had to meow!) to put me back in my rightful place.   Mom seems a bit groggy but I'm worth it!
We had a very nice weekend.   However, starting today, Monday, we will be getting rain and later in the week ....*snow*!
 Don't forget Mom!   April showers bring May flowers!  I don't know what April snow brings though...except for grumpy looks from the humans. 
 Purrs now from me, Emily!  Mom apologizes for the darkness of this photo!   She didn't know I was going to perform my cute head tilt pose.   What would you rather watch the silly TV or my flirty little head tilt!?
 In spite of the forecast of upcoming snow there have been signs of spring.   Mom saw beautiful purple crocuses growing on somebody's lawn. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

 Oscar and Winston here today to share some internet discovered wisdom. A determined feline is a force not to be taken lightly! We hope it benefits your human servants!

 This one is for Mom.   She could be playing squeaky mouse with me but instead she prefers to read!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Waiting for the Easter Bunny

 We hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  Here is a photo of me waiting patiently for the Easter bunny. Guess what?   The Easter bunny did come only he had to use a proxy.  Our Mom had a visitor on Saturday who gave us each a catnip-filled fish!  They are really stinky and we love to smack them around.   We must be very special for the Easter bunny to make sure we get treats.
 Easter weekend is a combination of wild weather and snow.  Mom took a walk on Sunday afternoon to take pictures of the park.   The temperatures were very mild even though it was snowing.   It was quiet and peaceful.  Mom could hear the wind in the bare tree branches and the ripple of water.
 Mom even saw a seagull!   Here he is showing off his fine feathers!  After Mom got back home she had a cup of hot tea and a toasted Easter bun.
 Emily spent a lot of time searching for her catnip toys and hoping for more treats!
 Oscar relaxed a great deal.  His arthritis is worse some days than others.   Mom feels bad that she can't do more for him.  She also says thank you to Jane for her practical advice on how to help a kitty with arthritis.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kitty Brat Reports

 Hello everyone.   It's Emily.   I'm starting off today's post with this slightly incriminating photo of me giving Winston the "what for" while on the dining room table.   First of all-he started it.  I can't remember what our stand off was about but I am fairly certain he is the guilty feline.  Second of all-he can't tell me what to do just because he is a boy and older than me.   I think he learned his lesson ...for a bit anyway.
 Purrs from Oscar now!   I am going in for my 4th antibiotic tomorrow.  Mom is still trying to entice me to eat and sometimes I try to make her happy.   My back arthritic leg is really acting up now.  My favorite spot in the whole world (other than cuddling up with Mom)-the bathroom sink counter is now forbidden to me.   My leg won't cooperate.  Mom closes the door.   I also may have accidentally knocked over a table lamp with a glass shade.  Mom says she knows I didn't mean to do it.   She was even thinking about getting me a cat fountain to drink water from to make up for the loss of my beloved water tap.   She needs to wait for a magical time , though, called "pay day"