Sunday, December 12, 2021

Groovy December

Happy December all! Emily here. I am enjoying a snuggle with Mom on the sofa. She was trying to read. I have to admit that cuddling is nice when it is chilly outside. We hope you are all doing well.
Mom has been teasing us about our Christmas gift. She thinks we might enjoy a kitty corvette. This cool pink vehicle was in a toy store. Sigh. Winston and I would never ever fit inside, though.
Winstn here! I am admiring our tiny tree in this photo. I would never ever even dream of playing with the tree. Or whapping off it's ornaments. (Well, at least now with witnesses!) With the the start of cooler weather, Mom has been heating up the Snuggle Safe for me. I do enjoy the extra warmth. Guess what? Our Mom had to get some comfy house slippers. Sadly, her grouchy feet won't tolerate regular slippers. Apparently, crocs help her feet. She went to the store to pick up a pair. The sales clerk said they didn't have any in her desired colour (black, gray, navy, or brown) in her size. However, he did have one pair. Tee hee. Thankfully, Mom won't wear these in public!
We will close for now. Give your felines an extra cuddle or two! It will be good for both of you ♥ Closing with a funny from Pinterest.