Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chilly Spring Weather

 Hello!  It's Emily reporting to you from the "forbidden" dining room table!  I have a very good reason for being on the table--I feel like being here!   I'm a free spirit.  Purrs.
 There are tiny signs of spring everywhere.  Mom found an Easter Egg tree on a recent walk.  She said the colors were lovely!
 Mom also noted her first snowdrops!   These tiny flowers were in somebody's front yard.  Mom had to use her zoom lens to get this shot.  She is waiting for some flowers to show up in the park so she can get closer and admire them.
 The sunlight breaking through the bell tower.  Mom said the sunny day was deceptive.  The sky was blue.  The sun was shining.  However, she was freezing.  Her hands had turned white by the end of her walk.   Brrrr.....
 A tiny bird's nest in the park.   The nest looks cozy!
 Happy purry greetings now from Winston.   I'm a good feline.  I just enjoy the boxes that Mom brings into the apartment for us.  It is cozier than any bird's nest.
 This Canadian goose was enjoying the sun's rays at the park.

 Mom thought this tiny note was inspiring.  Somebody has been posting small notes around our neighborhood.  Some of them seem to "hit home"
 We hope you all had a lovely week!   If you are stressed just note how your feline takes care of such things.  This is Emily and I chilling on the back of the sofa!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Emily and Winston say Hello

 Hello.  It is Winston and Emily.  We thought we would quickly pop by and say hello.  Here in Canada it is March Break.  Some people get to relax and some people do not get to relax.  Our Mom is in the second group.   More importantly, Emily and I always get to relax.   *happy purrs*
 So we are saying a quick hello.  We hope everyone is doing well.   Here are some pretty pink tulips.
 Mom thought this was an excellent t-shirt.  If only it came in another color?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mom's "Wild" Celebrations

 Good morning purrs from Winston.   Excuse me for not getting up but  I'm tuckered out.  Mom celebrated getting another year older this past weekend.  Now I'm exhausted.
Mom had visitors, went out for breakfast and for lunch, got presents...phew!
 Our Mom received several lovely gifts including home baked goodies, gift certificates for new clothes AND this awesome kitty tote bag!   Emily and I thought this was lovely.  Not only were there cats on the outside but we love to crawl inside bags.  Only our Mom, the meanie, wouldn't let us because of the handles.  Phhttt....
 A decadent slice of chocolate cake.  Her friend said it was delicious!
 Even though it was Mom's b-day, Emily and I got a present.  This is a catnip-filled bunny kicker!   First I pounced on it and then I subdued it.  Please note mymost fearsome fangs!
 Purrs now from Miss Emily.  While Winston is showing the bunny kicker who is boss I will tell you more about Mom's wild weekend celebrations.
 One of the restaurants they went to still had this pretty Valentine tree with sparkle hearts and twinkle lights.  Mom said it looked magical.  Winston and I would LOVE for her to get one for us.  We could smack the sparkly things off the tree.
 Mom got our bunny kicker toy at the Pet Store.  She said she fell in love with this Corgi puppy.  The owner was a nice lady who let Mom pet her new woofie.  The above photo is our GrandMom hugging the puppy.
 The Corgi would also "high five" you if you held out your hand.  I think Mom was a little more twitterpated than she needed to be.
 Mom said it wouldn't be a celebration without her tea.  (Oh yeah-Mom is wild!)
 They even stopped at a chocolate store.  Mom didn't buy anything but she liked the colors of these Caramel Apples.
I will close for now with these inspiration quotes from Pinterest.   Purrs to you all for a great week.