Monday, April 25, 2016

April showers and the long awaited nip!

 So-can anyone tell me why Mom finds this comfy sleep position so funny?   Cause she keeps laughing at me...
....but I give her the stink eye till she stops.   Guess what?!
 Mom finally got Oscar his birthday nip!   Hooray!   She took a photo so we could remember that it was in pristine shape at one point in time.
 She then put it next to Oscar on his special towel on the back of the sofa.   He then proceeded to ignore the long awaited toy.   I, however, found it fascinating and sniffed it intently.   Mom refuses to move it.  She consoles herself that Oscar sniffs it at night .

Yawn!   If the nip toy doesn't belong to me it's boring!  The Mom told me she spotted another bunny on her walk home from work the other day.

 Doesn't he look delicious cute!  Mom said he was smunching something.  More flowers are blooming everyday.
 She doesn't know the name of these tiny blooms but the purple blue color is beautiful!  So our Mom worked all weekend and had today (Monday) off.   She took the bus to the mall and came back with some boring human things.  Of course, tea figured in her purchases.  She found a new strainer and some flavored loosed leaf tea from the tea store.   The orange cat mug is not new.   She loves it, though, because it reminds her of Oscar!   A nice lady bought it for her a few years ago.  This lady also likes felines.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Powder Puff Beast

 Hello.  Winston kitty today.   After Mom saw this photo of me she thinks that Emily and Oscar are not the only ones to gain weight.   She is calling me the Powder Puff Beast.  I like the Beast part but not so much the Powder Puff part.  *sigh*
 The weather here is so changeable-snow, sun and flowers and snow drifts.  Sometimes all in the same day.
 We are waiting for the proverbial April showers to show up.   Emily likes to watch the rain drops sliding down the window!
 Hello.  Oscar here.   Mom took this photo of me while I was resting on her while she watched tv.   She said it is not easy to take a photo one handed.   At least I'm getting an ear scritch because...guess what!  STILL no catnip toy.   It is my 18th birthday after all.   It can't just be sunbeams, treats, spa days and ear scritches.   I need my medicinal nip!
Winston is right about the weather being very up and down.  Though I think spring is finally here because of all the blooming flowers.  Plus the Mom had major sneezing fits!   Those sneezes hurt our ears but it's also a number one sign that spring has arrived!

 Purrs from Miss Emily.  I like to flaunt my tummy fur too!  Only Mom doesn't giggle at me the way she does at Winston.  I'm a bit more svelte than Winston.
 Yes...there are lots of spring flowers popping up everywhere!
 Remember that one of Mom's nicknames for me is Petal.   I rather like it.  It's better than Powder Puff Beast!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bday celebrations continue

 Good morning.  Emily here today to tell you about our week.   The felines have been keeping busy with lots of naps.  The Mom person relaxes when we let her
 More tea....always with the tea for her.
 This is a blurry photo because I don't like to sit still!   Guess what!?  Both Oscar and I went to the vet last week.  We both gained some weight which pleased the Mom person!
 So this is what the Mom says we should be seeing--a bit more budding and blooming.  However, what we see is this
 a light dusting of snow which is followed by freezing rain!  

 Winston here now!   Emily can be such a chatterbox!  Why yes!  I am on the stove.   Because nobody can boss me around that is why   (actually the Mom person yells at me to get off...something about not being safe)  I think I look a teeny bit handsome here!
Oscar's birthday celebrations started off with a spa visit to the vet.  He got a nice cleaning, fluffing and brushing.   The vet said he was like a grumpy old man yelling at the other cat's in the back to be quiet.   Mom thought  that this was good because it showed he had spunk...
However,  there has still been no catnip treats for Oscar.  I'm posting this photo to gently remind Mom to get her act in gear.   See how Oscar likes the nip, Mom?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Birthday Boy Celebrates 18!

 Hi felines.   Oscar here.   Guess what?!  I turn 18 this month.   Mom says we should have a month  of celebrations for me.   I don't know but I guess I can handle it.   This photo is me and Winston enjoying a sunny spring like day.   Winston is quite a bit bigger than I am now.   I'm just a little under 8 pounds at my last vet visit.  Mom keeps lots of food out for us and I even get a special high protein wet food.  It's delicious!  Perhaps Mom will treat me to more of it because it's my birthday month!
 So the view from our window shows us enjoying a sunny day--that was one of the nice days!  As you can see, though, we have had an ice storm as well.  These poor snow drops were encased in ice.  
 Mom says it gives her heart little sparkles to see us cuddling and getting along so well.   Winston graciously allowed me to share the window and sunbeam.  Well, that is what he thinks anyway!  
See this next photo?  Well, a few days after the ice storm we got snow!  There were even white outs.
Mom got caught in one while she was on a walking errand.   We wisely held back our giggles when she came back inside dripping snow water!
 We think snow looks pretty.  Our eyes like to follow the dancing snowflakes.   Emily likes to bat at them sometime.  Crazy youngster!  Guess I used to do that too.
 I just like to watch what is going on outside and soak up the golden sun.   See!  I knew if I waited long enough Winston would leave.  The window is all mine now!
 It doesn't seem like it now but soon this will give way to this....
 pretty little flowers Mom doesn't know the name of!
 and more blossoms!