Sunday, August 28, 2016

Early morning works are for the birds....and our Mom!

 Greetings everyone from Oscar.  I'm interrupting my nap to keep you posted.  I hope everyone is doing well!   We have been getting lots of rain and everything is starting to look fresh and green again.  Still, it's been warm and humid.   Mom has taken to walking early in the morning for her groceries. 
 Some days here shift doesn't start till the afternoon.  So she will leave early, before eight, to the grocery store.  It's about a thirty-five minute walk one way.   She says that while these walks may be early they are also quite nice.   The sunlight is soft and golden.   The sun's rays make the rain drops sparkle!
 Plus, in spite of our best efforts, she still tries to talk to strange cats.  Hmmpff!!
 Hi folks.  Emily here.  Yep.  While the Mom is grouchy with the early mornings she generally enjoys the actual walk TO the grocery store.
 There are some pretty pink flowers.
 Soft misty golden light.   They are all lovely.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Critters and Rain and Rootbeer

 Good morning from Winston.   We have been busy.   Finally, we are getting some rain.
 Some big rain clouds!
 Sparkling raindrops on grass after the rain.
 Purrs from Oscar.   I love this spot on the sofa.  Mom has taken to putting a folded up pillow case under me.   She changes it far too often.   Then I need to fur it up again!
 Another photo from one of Mom's walks.   This is a rose.
 ...and further proof Mom can't be trusted.  She says hello to every feline she meets!  What is with that.  
 Miss Emily saying hello.   I was tidying up my tail when Mom took this photo.  It looks all blurry, yes?   The rain has been wonderful but it does mean that it's quite humid on some days.   This root beer was a special treat for Mom.  She only gets one a couple of times a year.   Hmmm...a tall frosty mug of sugar.  Yum!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Grandkitties make allowances....

 Hello.  A squished Emily here.   OK.   I don't actually mind this cuddle.  This very nice lady you see with me is our Mom's Mom.   She has been having a hard year.   In March her hubby passed away.  Then in May, she had to put her Woofie to sleep because he was very sick.  So she has been lonely.   So I allowed her to give me cuddles.  I wanted to show her that felines are just as loving as the woofies but more on that later. 
She came down to visit Mom because it was her birthday!  Our Mom had some nice things for her.   Some presents and breakfast out at their favorite cafe!
 Some birthday cheesecake! 
 It was an event-filled day!  Not only did I, Emily, allow another person other than Mom to cuddle me.  We got lots of rain!  See those clouds! Purrwowza!   They even got tornado warnings.  *Mom is afraid of those*
 Hello.  Winston here.   Yes.   Emily allowed someone else to cuddle her.  I suppose it was for a good cause.   I did give the nice visiting ladies some gentle sniffs and some toe brushes with my soft fur.  
 So-what else did they do on Saturday other than eat cheese cake and open presents?  Well the Mom got a chai latte.   It's one of her favorite treats.
 There are raindrops on the windshield.   You can even see the tree reflecting in one of the raindrops if you look closely.
 All that rain meant that the plants are turning a bit more green.   Though it may not be enough for some of the more wilted ones.

Monday, August 8, 2016

A little feline fluff to brighten your Monday

 Mom woke me up to tell me to do this post.  So here I am.  I must admit to feeling a bit groggy and grumpy.  But it is Monday after all!  OK.  So this is what we have been up to this past week!
 We hope everybody is getting some rain.  It sounds like most people are like us and could use a bit more of the wet stuff.
 Also-we have this fabulous new cardboard box!  Mom has left it out for us for over a week.  We love this box.   Mom puts our nip treats in it so it even smells nice.   We lie in it.  Play in it.   Guard it.  Sniff it.  Mom even caught Miss Emily licking it...whatever!!
 Mom took this photo in the park early in the morning after a rain shower.   Mom says early morning light is the best as its soft, golden and forgiving.
 This is me and Oscar last night.   Mom thought we looked like sweet fluff buckets.  Honestly, the dreadful nicknames she can come up with for us.  Still, we get fed, water, nip toys and clean litter so I should make some allowances for her.
 Another flower.  Only the Mom doesn't know the name of this one.   She just likes the pretty purple color. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Busy, busy and a garden interlude

 Hi all!  It's a chill Miss Emily here this long holiday weekend.   Mom said for a long weekend she sure is exhausted.  She was busy visiting with friends, chores and shopping.   The Mom also went to visit a nice lady who has 2 kitties and some beautiful gardens!
 The nice lady, A., served lovely summer treats in the garden.  Mom said it was restful to sit for awhile and nibble on strawberries and sip iced tea.
 This little goldfinch had some nice sips of water!
 This is the side garden where they had their summer tea.
The back garden where Mom saw mint!   She even got a bit of mint to take home!
This is one of A's kitties, Jambo.   Jambo is a sweet senior.   She demanded Mom give her some brushings...which Mom did.   We felines are known for getting our demands met!