Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Long Weekend!

 Good morning from Emily!  I am feeling pretty chill in this photo.   My appointment at the vet had to be rescheduled because there is a feline virus going around.   I was supposed to get a needle but, for now, I am in the clear! Woohoo!
Speaking of which....we hope our Canadian friends had a lovely long Victoria Day weekend.   Mom was very excited about this in an exhausted sort of way!  She had to do boring stuff like cleaning and shopping.  However, she also managed to get in some walks in the park.
 A restful park bench.
 A swan swimming the park lake.
 Mom said this tortie feline exuded "catitude"!

Tired purrs from Winston.  Mom doesn't know if her allergies are exceptionally bad this year or if she is catching a cold.  What Emily and I do know is that she is sneezing more than usual.  Monster sneezes which hurt our delicate feline ears.

 Sneezes and watery eyes don't keep her from going on long walks, though.  Here is a beautiful Magnolia Tree.  There was another person, on a bike, also taking a photo at the same time!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Birthday Girl!

 Hello!  Happy Birthday to ME!   It's Emily.  I'm the cheery looking feline on the right wearing the yellow party hat   :)   My birthday was on Monday and Mom actually remembered!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring is here!

 Hello.  Sleepy Winston here!  We hope everyone is well.   Emily and I are gearing up for an exciting time next week.  Emily will have a birthday and we KNOW that the Mom has already purchased something for us!  She has this birthday surprise hidden for now.  However, when Emily's birthday rolls around I will be sure to give it a proper feline mauling!
 Spring has finally arrived here!  The weather is warming up though still lots of rain.  Here are some daffodils from Mom's recent walk to the grocery store!
 Contented purr hellos from Emily.  See this tiny kitty cave?   I got it from Grandmum.  Her spoiled cat, Pearl, doesn't like it anymore and we have inherited it!  I love it!  Winston might love it more if he could fit in it!  (Don't tell him I said that!)
 Yes, spring is here and it is official because Mom had to buy some allergy pills!   Mom says it is worth it to see the trees all misting a lovely shade of spring green. 
I am hoping that Mom is ready to spoil me properly next week.  I've been acting extra adorable!  I even hacked up an impressive furball on the carpet so Mom would know I've been thinking of her.