Saturday, May 27, 2023

Catching My Breath

Hello! It feels like it has been ages since I last had a chance to say a proper hello! We hope everyone is doing well. I am very thankful to have had a nice staycation this past week. I think one of my favourite parts was NOT having to rush! Miss Emily posed for this photo and let me know by her serious expression that I needed to get a move on for her 10th birthday present.
I found this sweet little mouse toy for Miss Em. Emily seems to approve and dragged the little critter by it's tail to an undisclosed location! :)
There was time for a quiet walks! I loved this tree covered in white blooms and twinkle lights! It seemed to me as if it could be the gateway to Narnia.
A walk in the park revealed a happy cardinal singing an early morning song.
These goslings were keeping a close eye on me.
I was able to enjoy two walks in the park. My favourite time is the golden hour-early morning. It opens up your heart.
This yellow rose helped to spread some cheer. I think Willow liked it, too. I also went to the bookstore, a garden center, a cafe for a visit with a friend, and did some shopping. Early on in the vacation, I baked my favourite muffins: oatmeal brown sugar muffins. These muffins taste amazing, fresh from the oven, with a dab of ginger honey. Thanks for visiting. I wish yooou all a great week. Closing with a smile from Pinterest.