Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday morning with the kitty brats

 Hello.  Oscar here this morning to tell you what I've been up too (and maybe the other fur balls as well).  It's chilly outside and there is nothing I enjoy more than a nice lounge and nap on a text book , or any book, Mom needs to use!
 Whenever Mom goes out she needs to bundle up and that means gloves or mittens!  She finds the mittens keep her fingers warmer!
 It's Winston and Emily here now.  Can you believe it but our Mom says we  are two little trouble makers when we get together.  Once she even called us Bonnie and Clyde!  We were not sure what that meant but we didn't think it was a compliment.
 This is the teapot and mug Mom got for Christmas.  She is twiterpated with the design.   She sure is drinking a lot of tea these days.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Feline Guide to the Winter Blahs

 Good morning all!  It's Oscar here today to start of the post.   We don't know how your human acts in winter-all that ice, snow, blowing wind and cold-but our human sometimes starts to feel a bit blah.  She told me that she wished she could curl up like I do and sleep the day away.  While I understand her sentiment(it really is quite wonderful to sleep, nap, snooze through the day!)we can not allow her to indulge in this activity.  Somebody MUST take care of us and pay our bills.  So I held a conference with the other two kitty brats and we drew up an action plan for our human to follow.   I suggested that she indulge in a warm beverage-perhaps a cup of tea-her favorite is Harney & Son's hot cinnamon and spice-and a scone.
 Our Mom might also consider a hot apple cider or a hot chocolate with whipped cream and, if she is really needing it, perhaps some rainbow sprinkles.
 Hello folks and felines.  It's Winston reporting from the comfy kitty bed.   It sure is wonderful being able to cuddle down when it looks so nasty outside.  However, I agree with Oscar when he says Mom must not give in to her urge to hibernate through the winter.  Who would play with us, clean our litter and pay for our expensive kitty food....Nope-we CAN NOT allow that to happen.  My suggestion for the winter blahs was to "embrace the cold"!   Goodness, she is Canadian after all.  She should have the gumption to get out there and brace the ice and snow.   Therefore, I suggested she take an nice walk, warmly bundled of course, and breathe in the fresh air.
 She could take a nice long walk in the park.  I also happen to know that there is a cafe not too far from her favorite park.   Perhaps she could warm up with another tea before heading home.  We may even consider giving her cuddles when she returns--if she isn't too cold of course.
 Hi all.  It is my turn now!   It's Emily.  I want to report that I just agree with the boys to make them happy.  I try giving Mom lots of head bops.  She isn't used to head bops.  She said no other kitty has given her as many head bops as I do!  I think she likes it because it makes her smile.   However, I have another suggestion.  When she comes back from a cold winter photo walk she can try to warm up her cold toes with these----

Monday, January 12, 2015

Too much fun for a Monday

The kitty brats reporting this cold Monday.   When Mom comes back from her walks she has a red face and numb fingers even though she is all bundled up like the Michelin Man.   So when she got Emily ready for a vet visit this morning she decided to call a cab.  
This is Emily in her PTU.   When they got into the cab, Emily serenaded the driver with her best kitty aria!   The cab driver said she must have been unhappy because Mom woke her up from her nap.  Poor Emily.  She was one sad feline for that ride.
The vet had an emergency and couldn't come in right away.   So Emily decided to explore the exam room.  She did a very thorough job.  In fact, Emily even saw a paw come under the door here from one of the resident cats!
Emily tried to wait patiently but we are afraid that virtue is not part of her personality.   She continued to jump and roam and meow!

Emily did enjoy the view from the window!   Eventually, the vet technician came in to say she would weigh Emily because the vet couldn't come in to see her at all. Emily did gain a bit of weight.  Hurray! As for the reasons for the visit well.....Mom is supposed to keep a "poop" journal for Emily.   Grody!   Whoever heard of such a thing?  And then report back to the vet later.
We are a bit tired of the last two posts just being told by Emily and about Emily.   So we will close with us boys.  Here is Winston being a computer buddy to Mom.  Mom sure does appreciate his company!  He monitors her activity thoroughly.  He is a most excellent snoopervisor.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Emily Means Business

 Gather round, felines, as I tell you a story...a scary story that happened just a few days ago.
 I was in my favorite chair having a little snooze when I heard the dreaded sound--the click of the camera.   Apparently, Mom thinks I am "cute" when I relax for my naps.
 I could hear her giggling about my back paws and my general floofiness....
 "You know, Mom, I am awake.  Furthermore, you are distracting me from my much needed nap.  This isn't as easy as it looks!"
 I even gave Mom the slanty, grouchy kitty eyed no avail.  It was time to bring out the big guns, felines....