Sunday, June 2, 2019

Winston Kitty Fun Facts (and a tiny bit of Emily stuff)

 Hello!  It's Winston.  I don't think I've ever told you some "fun" facts about me!   It might not be a deep, dark secret type of stuff but I think I am a fascinating feline.   Cuddle down.
 I love my vittles.   My favourite treat is Tuna flavoured Temptations.   I inhale those like a feline vacuum cleaner.
 Mom "adopted" me from a family member 13 years ago.   I used to live with somebody else.   I was having a fine old time being a frisky kitten but for some reason, their woofie decided NOT to like me.  I mean what was wrong with that woofie.  I am adorable.   I came to live with Mom here in the city.   Before I had to be locked up in the bathroom when that grumpy old woofy was around.  I have lots more room to whoop it up now.
 I am a sports orientated feline.   I love to whop the kitty catnip roll.  I also LOVE to play kitty cat floor hockey.
 Boxes are my friend.  If I have to, I will steal them away from Emily.
 Hi!  It's Emily.  Has Winston bored you to tears yet?   I hope you all are having a great week.
 Here I am again.  I think I look quite a ladylike in this photo.
 Stop laughing at me, Winston!
 Sometimes Winston and I get into "tiffs".  Here I am whupping his behind.  Girls rule!
 Underneath all the chasing and the tussling, we are quite fond of each other.