Sunday, November 19, 2023

November is cuddle season

Hello! Emily looks tuckered out here :) It is exhausting being a cat! Work has been extra busy with staff sickness and a few vacations. When I do get a weekend off it is playing a game of catch up. Thank goodness Emily and Willow like to demonstrate effective relaxation techiniques.
Autumn is here and is slowly shifting into the colder temperatures. I love the glow of fall leaves. There are still a few trees with leaves on them in my area.
Halloween has also come and gone. Some of my neighbours really get into decorating. I tend to towards The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown style of decorating. Of course, there is always the 50 % sales on November 1.
With the arrival of cooler weather, I find Emily and Willow tend to be more snuggly. That is something I can get on board with! I hope everyone is doing well.
(image found on pinterest) This is for any "book dragons" out there!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

October Staycation

My October staycation is almost over. The last 10 days were lovely-slow days populated with quiet walks in the park every morning, visits with family and friends, shopping and reading! Willow and Emily both had their annual vet visit. Willow gained a bit more weight for the second month. She is still on her meds.
Miss Emily also gained weight. Emily also enjoys sharing her opinions on the walk to the vet's office. :) I appreciate her moxy!
This is the park I walked in every morning for the last week. It wasnn't always this sunny! The first morning I was so eager to get outside and enjoy the trees and lake that I neglected to check the weather forcast. I was drenched by the time I finally got home. It took hours before I warmed up!
Swan swimming on the lake.
I even managed to make a dent in a book I started to read last year! Originally, I tried to get it through Interlibrary Loan but realized I would never get it done in 3 weeks and bought it.
We hope everyone is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!
(my vacation socks!)

Sunday, September 10, 2023

September Update

Hello all! We hope everyone is well. There are signs of fall all around me: leaves are starting to turn colour, it is getting darker much earlier in the evening and my seasonal allergies are acting up :) Miss Emily is keeping my leg warm in this photo. She is a cutie.
Willow went to her followup vet appointment late in August. Her weight went from 9.4 pounds to 9.6 pounds. The vet thinks that this shows she is stabalizing. In addition, she has gone from taking three pills and is down to two pills now. I am counting down the weeks till my Autumn vacation! Hopefully, I will have time to take photos, shop, read and try some new recipes. Have a great week!
(I think I need this t-shirt!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Happy Birthday Willow!

Happy Birthday, Willow! Willow turned 2 a few days ago. She got extra cuddles, treats and a new catnip mouse toy. (She ignored the toy!) Her followup with the vet is this Thursday so please send her positive purrs ♥

Monday, August 7, 2023

The Not -So-Lazy Days of Summer

Hello! We hope everyone is doing well. Never a dull moment here-short staffed because my co-workers are taking summer holidys (the nerve!) Sometimes, at the end of the day, I feel like I can't possibly face another day :) Thankfully, here in Canada, we have a long weekend. Hooray! Willow is still on her meds. She loves zipping around the apartment. She knocked over a box fan and broke it. Willolw seemed impressed by her destruction abilities. Miss Emily is her sweet self. She loves having her tummy fur cut short during the summer. Honestly, it looks like she is smiling when she lies on her back in front of the fan! Willo has a birthday coming later this month and we already have on gift purchased for her. I'm hoping to visit everyone's blog soon. I'll leave you with a few photos from the last few weeks :) Take care everyone
A beautiful front garden seen on one of my walks.
Sweet Miss Emily. She always appreciates a laundry basket full of warm clothes fresh from the dryer.
Another walk-a gate to someone's garden. ( I feel it might lead to Narnia!)
Willow keeping me company while I read on the sofa. And finally a funny from Pinterest. (just change dog to cat and it would be right!)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Willow Update

I was vacation last week. Thankfully, they vet's office was able to squeeze Willow in for a look over on Thursday. Upon further investigation, the vet thinks Willow may have collitis. Three different pills are needed for the next while: an antibiotic, a probiotic and "kitty immodium". I am not as patient as I wish. Giving Willow 3 pills is a challenge. I bought some pill pockets which Willow does not seem interested in. I used to give Lucy a pill every day for her asthma. I've either lost my touch or Willow is not as accomadating as Lucy. Please send positive thoughts and any gentle advice. I checked out several YouTube videos for advice and techniques. So far, most of them seem to indicate that I need two more hands. The past week was a typical staycation. I slept in a bit later. I tackled housework that I don't normally have time to do during a work week. My sister, Mom and some friends came for a visit. The swealtering weather, and the sometimes poor air quality, meant I only made it to the park for one visit. However, that walk was amazing!
Raindrops sparkled on the grass!
It sparkled on the flowers ♥
Bird song filled the air. I have an app on my cell phone that helps you to identify what birds are singing. I heard: woodpeckers, Coopers Hawk, a starling, a gold finch, a Cardinal, a Blue Jay and a Red-Winged Black Bird. Miss Emily istaking a wee snooze close by me. I lover her sweet and spunky nature. When I have company, she often walks over to our guests to give them a welcoming head bop.
I hope everyone has a good week! I'll close with this funny from Pinterest.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Willow Update

After speaking with the vet, she has decided to put Willow on deworming meds. If Willow's symptoms improve then all is good. If her symptoms persist, then I need to contact the vet's office again. I'm surprised. Willow had a clean bill of health when I adopted her. I also had my own vet check her out. My cats never go outside. Any gentle advice is welcome. Again, not sure if this is the case but it is how the vet decided to proceed. Thank you people.