Friday, October 12, 2018

Staycations and Sneezes

 Hi everyone!    Emily here today.   Remember I told you last week that our Mom would be on vacation?   Well, Mom decided to optimize her time by combining her sick time with her vacation time.   Our Mom got a nasty cold.   Winston and I are exhausted!  A sick human is so clingy!
We liked this cartoon.  We don't bless Mom's sneezes.  We glare at her or run away.

Our Mom had to cancel several plans.   Including Winston's vet visit for a once over.   Winston was totally devastated!  *NOT!*  Don't worry, Winston, your appointment has been rescheduled.
The Mom  is reading a lot of books during her staycation:

The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna van Praag
Love in the Time of Cholera by Barbiel Garcia Marquez
Forest Bathing Retreat by Hannah Fries
Chocolat by Joanne Harris.

You would think all that reading material might keep her out of trouble!  Well, you thought wrong.

 The Mom did take a relaxing slow walk one morning.  It was a very warm morning.  The temperature, with the humidex, was about 36 Celsius or 96 Fahrenheit!

Mom said the walk was very relaxing.

 Here is a cheeky squirrel at the park.  They come up so close!  We are guessing people feed them a fair bit.
 Mom got her first pumpkin spice beverage.  She said they forgot to sprinkle on cinnamon for effect but it was still yummy!
 Hi from Winston.  It is a good thing I am such a gentleman and let Emily talk first!  Yes, our Mom got a cold and hurt our tender ears with her sneezes.  However, she was still bound and determined to put on her vacation socks!

 This cake is from Mom's Thanksgiving get together.  Mom did not make this carrot cake.  Her sister, A, did!  There are tiny little autumn leaf sprinkles on top.   Mom was twitterpated.  They had a very nice visit.
However, that was the extent of her "whooping it up"

 The apartment building she lives in decided to put in new asphalt for the parking lot.   Emily didn't like it so much but I made sure to snoopervise the construction workers.   Sometimes our building shook and the plates in the china hutch rattled.  Hopefully, they will be done today.  Mom is looking forward to being able to sleep in for her time off.   Maybe until 7:30!   Emily and I can sleep through it but our Mom finds it hard to snooze away with the machines grinding.
Well, we will close for now.  Mom will continue her getting rid of the cold regime which consists of lots of tea, soup, vitamin C and elderberry syrup.
We hope to visit you soon.  Purrs to all!
Winston and Emily

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October shenanigans

 Hello from Emily.   I'm feeling a bit forlorn as our secretary has been AWOL the past several days.   Life has become hectic again.   Since I'm still able to fit in my daily naps, I really don't know what Mom is talking about!
 Mom says once she is on vacation she will stop by and visit people properly.  Her phone app says the vacation is fast approaching!
 Now that we are into October it is a bit chillier!  Also, we are getting lots of rain.
 I confess that I, Winston, am also cross with Mom.  She is here to do our bidding!   She was dreadfully lax the previous week.  However, she assures me that she will catch up soon!
 The squirrels are very active now.
 Mom loves teeny, tiny pumpkins!
 Just to show you that we are still up to our usual shenanigans...some photos of a fluffy kerfuffle.
Emily is a troublemaker.
 I just want to take a nap.
 A fierce headshake!
Image from Pinterest

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Felines All Around!

 Hello.   Emily here.   I've convinced Mom to write a quick post for us today.  She has been checking her phone countdown app a lot these past few days.   It tells her how many days she has until her vacation.  It's getting closer.
 Mom found these sockettes at the mall.  She is saving it for her first day of vacation.   You should have heard her giggling to herself when she took it out of the shopping bag once she got home.  Goodness. 
 Hello now from Winston.   Yes.  The Mom is looking forward to her time off.  She has lots of catching up to do during that time.  Autumn is her favorite time of year and she hopes to get some photos of the changing leaves.
 Mom also found these earrings at the mall.  These are her first ever pair of Halloween earrings!
From Pinterest.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Fun Day Trip and Thank You

 Hello.   It's Winston.  In this photo, I am feeling very happy and content.  See the wonderful box and mouse?   I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in last week's post.  I do appreciate your visits.
 This past weekend our Mom went to the town of Stratford, Ontario with some friends.  Their first stop was at this amazing candy store called Rheo Thompson Candies.  Woohoo!  Mom said it was mostly chocolate.  She also said it smelled heavenly!
 Mom loved this Halloween kitty chocolate. 
 This Mountie bear with chocolates was so cute!  (But we are cuter!)
 Hello now from Emily.  Excuse me while I sip ambrosia water from the bathroom faucet.   Sometimes I can get Mom to do my bidding and turn on the water for me. 
Mom's fun visit didn't end with the candy store.  They also went to a bookstore.  Mom said there were books on the floors and the mantel ....books everywhere.
 She said it felt like the kind of store where something "adventure-y" might happen.
 Mom almost bought a set of these salt and pepper shakers.  Thankfully, she realized it would be silly to buy them when she had much better-looking felines at home.
 I will close with this figurine of the Queen.  Apparently, she waved at everyone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Birthday Boy Whoops it Up (sort of)!

 Happy Birthday to ME!   It's Winston.  My B-day is on September 2!  It takes a lot of energy to whoop it up so I saved all my feline shenanigans for the long, Labor Day weekend.
from Pinterest
 Nope!  Not that kind of whooping it up.  Though I would certainly like to get all the presents these felines would be forced to bestow upon me.
I didn't get any of these toys, either.   Though we did get some kitty spirals recently.
 This is what I got for my birthday!   My favorite flavor, too!   Since I'm such a gentleman I will share with Miss Emily.
 Ahem, Mommy, don't you think a little privacy is in order?   Yes, Winston is a year older but I'm not certain he is a year wiser.  *Don't tell him I said that!*
 Mom enjoyed her long taking long walks.
 This leaf says autumn is coming but we are still in the midst of a heat wave.  Phew.  It's enough to curl your furs!
 Mom saw this electric bike outside the grocery store.  She said if only it were hot pink with a basket....woo hoo.  World watch out.  Thankfully, she walked on by except to snap this photo.
 More signs of autumn in the Dollar Store.  Mom bought several cards and napkins but showed restraint by NOT purchasing this Thanksgiving wreath.
I will close for now with this!
Happy purrs
Winston the happy birthday boy
and Miss Emily
from Pinterest

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Buddha Boy and Emily

 Hi everyone.  It is Emily.  I'm really enjoying my cozy spot in this box.  Plus I have a nip toy.  Life is good felines.  I'm so happy to be back and chatting again.  Our Mom has been busy and feeling a bit under the weather.   She keeps checking the countdown app on her cell phone.  As of now, she has 40 days 3 hours 23 minutes and 10 seconds until her 2-week vacation.  Not that she is feeling anxious for it or anything. MOL.
 Mom has been walking early to run her errands.  She says the weather is cooler and the walk is more pleasant.   She also enjoys the quiet and morning light.
 This is a tiny park with a fountain.   She loves the serenity here.
 Mom laughed when she saw this sign at the store.
 Mom likes this cartoon. We felines know the feeling.   Only we can just take a nap someplace cozy.
I'll pass things on to Winston now.
 Purrs from Winston the Buddha Boy.    Mom loves this pose!   She says it makes her happy.  (I say she needs to get out more!)
 For the first time in ages, Mom took her camera and went for a walk in the park.   This leaf says the seasons are changing.
 Cheery yellow flower.
 A graffiti artist posted this on a bridge....and here is the view.
 Mom thought the view was rather lovely.
 A squirrel.  Mom said the squirrel wanted treats but Mom had none for the little furry rodent. 
I should think not!  If any treats are to be had it should be for Emily and me!
 We will close with some happy/inspiring/ funny pins from Pinterest!
 This one might be Mom's favorite!
 In case anyone out there is having a trying day.