Friday, July 19, 2019

Too hot!

Hello all.  Winston here with a quick summary of our week.   It has been so hot lately that Emily and I need to put in some extra nap time.   Our Mom is jealous!
Mom takes walks early in the morning to beat the heat.   This cardinal posed for Mom, but at a distance.
A pink rose.
This is an older photo of me trying to stay cool in front of the fan.  Mom said I looked like Jabba the Hut.   I  think she may have insulted me!
A swan at the park.
Raindrops in flowers.
Hello now from Emily.  I went to the vet about a week ago.   I got another knot removed but the vet said my blood sugar was better.
I guess that pricey food Mom buys is working!
We are in the middle of another heatwave.  There was even a tornado warning near us today.  When it is hot Winston and I take extra naps. 
We hope everyone is well.  Mom, as our secretary,  doesn't seem to do very well when it gets this hot.  Apparently, she can't nap away during the heatwave!
Purrs to all for a great week!

 We will close with a funny from Pinterest.   It's true, by the way!  Wee--everything of the edge to smash into bits!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Staycation Shennanigins

 Hello everyone!  A quick post today from Winston Kitty.   Emily and I decided to take turns telling you about our escapades during Mom's recent staycation.   Once she settled into vacation mode our Mom stopped cleaning and organizing most of the time and decided to take some walks to the park.
 Since it was so hot, with the humidex the temperature was 42C, Mom went to the park at 7:30 in the morning.  She said there were lots of joggers and people walking their woofies.  The temperatures were still "pleasant" at this time.
 More little flowers from Mom's walk.
 This pillow is at the vet's office.  It is the "famous" painting of "cat with a pearl earring."  Our Mom likes art and so this pillow spoke to her soul.   (Winston kitty rolling his eyes now!)
 Mom also went out for lunch with some friends.  She finally caved into a craving she had for a hamburger.  It was so delicious, and so filling, that she took off the top bun or she would not have been able to finish it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Canada Day and Cotton Candy Fur

 Hello!  Winston kitty here.  Mom says I have a slightly peeved expression in this photo.  Really, Mom, can you blame me?!   I have stuff I want to tell people and you refuse to write up our blog posts.  All I get from you are excuses: too tired, too busy, I burned my hand!
Anyway, here were finally be and, other than feeling miffed about Mom,  I am happy to be here.
First off:  Happy Canada Day to our Canadian felines and readers!
photo from Pinterest
 Yeah!   We got a long weekend to spend with Mom!   Plus she is on vacation!  Happy purrs.  Emily and I now have more precious time to ignore/annoy Mom.
 Mom had a visit from our Grandmum last month.  They went out to their favourite coffee shop, Williams, for a blueberry scone and a chai tea latte.   Mom is ridiculously happy about chai tea!
 Spring was late in coming this year.   Mom saw these Lilies of the Valley flowers on a recent walk.   Spring may have been late in coming but now summer is here.  We hope everyone stays cool.
Well, on to Emily for now!
 Happy purrs from Emily.  I hope Winston wasn't too miffed at the beginning.  It is true that Mom was sadly negligent in our blog posts.  She really did burn the fingers of her left hand.  She got blisters and everything!  It is mostly healed now, though, and it looks like she has a sunburn on her fingers.   Guess what?  Mom bought new shoes.   Her delightfully middle-aged feet were demanding more support and she had to forgo cute shoes for more practical footwear.  She finally decided on a pair of running shoes from Brooks. 
photo from Internet
 Now she has a bit more spring to her step when she walks to the grocery store.
photo from Pinterest
 Mom celebrated Canada Day with one butter tart.  She really wanted to try poutine but couldn't find a restaurant close by that served it.
 This is a photo of me at the vet's office.  I am trying to keep Mom entertained by getting at least a mat a week.  The vet says my fur is very fine and mats easily.  Dr. B. says I have cotton candy fur.  In fact, I have another appointment this week!
 So far, Mom has spent most of her vacation tidying and cleaning.  She always seems it difficult to wind down.  Hey, Mom, look at me just chilling on the sofa and follow my lead.  Only don't take my spot on the sofa.  The sofa is mine!