Sunday, February 13, 2022

Vet Visits and Crookshanks

It is a cold, overcast Sunday. There is a big pot of chicken veggie soup bubbling in my slow cooker. I am hoping that it is ready for supper. I've been craving cozy the past week. This photo is from a cabin my family rented several years ago. It was in Amish country and we enjoyed our "girl's night"!
In the last 2 weeks Winston has been to the vet's office twice. Both times they did tests and determined that he was constipated. They sent him home with the white powder they called PEG. Thankfully, it seems to be helping. Winston will turn 17 years old this year. He has stage 2 kidney disease. I worry about him. I also try very hard to make sure he is well taken care of and as comfortable as I can make him. Just an hour ago he and Emily were fighting over who would get to sleep in the new cat carrier :)
Usually, Winston wins! This photo was taken at the vet's office. The office cat is very friendly. Sadly, Winston was in no mood to socialize!
Miss Emily makes my heart feel lighter with her silly antics! She goes crazy for the dragon fly on the wand toy. After she is so tuckered out she has to rest.
Early last week, on my walk to work, I encountered a kitty who looked quite rough on the side walk. He meowed at me and ran after me for a bit. I stopped and chatted with him. then I looked through my lunch to see if I had anything suitable for a cat to eat but had nothing safe to offer him. This cat reminded me of Hermonie Granger's cat, Crookshanks, in the Harry Potter movie. I called a rescue group for advice. I also now carry cat food in my coat pocket. I haven't seen the little guy since. I pray he just had a scap with another cat after being let outside and is now being tended at home.
Between 3 vet visits, an unexpected visit to the dentist to replace a lost filling, my booster shot and that poor feline, I am ready to enjoy some soup and read a good book. I hope everyone is doing OK. Recently, at work, someone told me that they were "pandemic fine" which I guess is as good you can hope for on some days :) Stay safe. STay warm. Hug your felines. I am going to close with some funnies/thoughtful images from Pinterest.