Thursday, March 28, 2019

Catching Up

 Good morning!   We hope everyone had a lovely week.   Emily and I are relieved to report that Mom is almost recovered from last week's excitement.   The stitch is gone from her mouth and it hardly hurts at all now when anything touches her face.  Her cold is practically a memory!  Well, except for an impressive lingering cough!
 Mom had a breakfast visit with our "grandmom" last Saturday.  Mom couldn't resist taking a photo of her hot chocolate with whipped cream!
 They did some shopping after their meal.   Mom liked the happy colours of these flowers at the dollar store.
She also finally found a reading lamp for the living room!  This internet image resembles the lamp she bought at the store.

Mom can see much better to read her ever growing stack of books!
 Sleepy hello from Emily!   Mom saw this t-shirt on the internet and fell in love! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Muddled Mom Musings

 Hello from Emily.  If you can believe it Mom was still celebrating her birthday with friends.  Perhaps she overdid it (snort) because she came down with a bad cold.
She did a bit of window shopping:  a pretty autumn mug
 Kitty Mugs
 Unfortunately, it occurred right around the time she needed minor dental surgery.  So she has been "out of things" for a while.  She is sneezy, croaky, tired and achy in the area where she had the extraction.  Don't worry, though, I, Winston, have been nursing her.
The above photo shows me testing out a basket Mom purchased to store in her closet.  Apparently, I'm not allowed to enjoy it.  I still gave it my seal of approval.

 Mom got to try avocado toast for the first time. She said it was delicious and she might try to replicate the recipe at home. This was before her dental visit.  She is enjoying her soft food diet.  She forgot how delicious mashed potatoes could be!!
Wisdom from Pinterest

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Whooping it Up---Quietly!

 Mom celebrated her birthday on Saturday.  She booked a vacation day and had a lovely visit with family.
 They went out to their usual breakfast spot, William's Cafe.

 They wondered why they saw people dressed in costume and discovered a comic book convention in progress.  They had free comics, too!  Mom picked up the "prissiest" one there!
 They went shopping.  Mom said Easter decorations were out!  She thought this little bunny was cute.
 Plus Winston and I got a present!  We both loved it!  Cat Grass!  Yummy

 In fact, Mom says we love it a little bit too much and she only puts it out at certain times.
Mom says thank you for the advice on how to introduce new cat food into our diets.   I am starting to like this new food a bit more.  Mom is putting a few tablespoons of the new food (diabetic) into our regular food.   The new food is Royal Canin Diabetic.
We will close with this cartoon from Pinterest.