Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hi all.   Emily and Winston here.  We waited diligently for the Easter Bunny to make his appearance at our home!  Guess what?!  He did come...only we never saw him.

 That Easter bunny looks friendly but we think he must be a clever little dude.  How could he slip past us?
 We had an ice storm where we live.   Us felines were very thankful we didn't have to go outside!  The Mom person had to put on her yak tracks.   Well, her cheaper drug store version of them anyway.  Humans are not as graceful and coordinated as felines.   Poor humans.
 Emily now.  I'm getting ready to swat at the mousie on the pole.   I may look demure and fluffy but I can assure that I can be very fierce and determined!  

 See the pretty jelly beans!   Our Mom was good and didn't eat any of them .   She did nibble on one of the chocolate eggs though.
These birds were very happy!   Some kind soul threw out their crackers and the tiny sparrows were going crazy over all the crumbs!
 More ice store photos.  This big branch had crashed down in front of a house.  Thankfully, it seems to have missed the windows.
 It's me now, Oscar.   The Mom person took lots of pictures after the ice storm.  One of the things she saw on the Easter weekend, other than lots of ice, was this.....
 BUNNY!  I don't think that was by chance , do you?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Are you sure it's spring?

It's Monday already!   We felines are not ready for it.   Our Mom person, well, too bad for her if she is not ready for it!   We are content to just stay snuggled on the back of the sofa.
Last week it rained almost all week.   We thought that was pretty nice weather for relaxing, too!   This week is another story.  The wind picked up, the temperature dropped and there is even a bit of the white stuff on the ground.   Mom says March is like that...very changeable.   Perhaps that is why she is out of sorts these days?
Emily here!   Purrs.   I did try to make her feel better by sleeping next to her feet and then head nudging  her did make her smile!  
We felines are guessing that humans everywhere are feeling the end of winter grumpies!   What?  It's spring already!   Well you could have fooled us.
I'm sure spring will come....just be patient....
take naps, treat yourself to a little something
and don't forget to hug your felines.
Purrs for a good week.
and Emily

Monday, March 14, 2016


 Hello Felines.   Oscar here after a bit of a delay to our regular schedule.  The Mom has been busy.  Her step-dad's memorial service was this past Saturday.   It was a hard time for everyone.
 Mom has been out of town a lot these past few weeks.   We try not to show it but we do miss the way she does things for us. 
 The weather has been very changeable.  Typical March weather.   Perhaps that is why I have been having some bad days myself, lately.  Mom heats up the warm pack for me a bit more often.  The last time I went to the vet for a spa day she told Mom I was like "a thousand years old".   Mom didn't appreciate the reminder.   Myself, I'm going to be 18 next month.   You would think that would garner me a bit more respect.
 Winston kitty here now.  I'm flirting with the Mom.  Do you think she will be silly enough to tickle my tummy?   I've got bunny kicks stored up for her if she tries.  He he he.
 This is one of the presents Mom got for getting older....a Doctor Who doll.   She likes the bow-tie.   I want to attack that hair!  Purrwowza!
 Something else Mom wouldn't let me touch were a her birthday honest Mom...they were NOT around long enough to be much of a threat!
The flowers are starting to blossom, too.   One of Mom's favorites are the snowdrops.  She says they are lovely and brave to grow through snow.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Quick head bop visit

 Hello felines.  Emily dropping by for a quick post.   I've been busy ....but just wanted to let you know that my Mom person will be lagging behind a bit with checking your blogs.  Her step dad passed away on Tuesday.   They were expecting it but it still weighs on them, especially her Mom, a lot.
Then just 2 days after we found out this woofie, who belongs to my Mom's Mom, has tumours in his eye.
 As a feline I can't believe I'm saying this but would you please send some purrs out for this woofie?
 Sometimes the people need extra purrs and cuddles and sometimes the furry ones do.

 I did another thing this week that has never happened before.   I slept near the Mom's toes when she was sleeping...I hope she doesn't expect it all the time now, though!