Monday, December 28, 2015 we can have fun again!

Oscar here today.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!   We felines had a lovely day with naps, treats and lots of presents!
I got this amazing present called the kitty shack!   Here is a photo from a store that sold them.    It's a soft carpet with crinkle material underneath.   There is a zipper  that you can do up and it turns into a cozy triangle.  Mom often finds me curled up in it in the morning.  I feel very safe inside.  Winston kitty has mostly left it alone and it is mine!  I think that makes the Mom person happy.
 See this catnip toy.  The catnip toy that is pink and sparkly?  Well.  It was meant for Miss Emily.  However, the Winston kitty immediately absconded it for his own personal use.  It didn't matter that he already had a new catnip toy.
 Just a few seconds after this photo was taken the Winston kitty started bunny kicking the pink sparkle toy....he got tired of it though...
Miss Emily finally ventured through to the kitchen to play with both toys!That Winston gets a little too excited at Christmas!

 The Mom person got to see the Christmas light house again on Christmas Day.  She said it was beautiful!
 The Mom person even got a present to open on Christmas morning.
 That little Winston dude...he thought this soft, silky scarf was for him.  He snuggled down on it and refused to move!    I say better Mom's scarf than my kitty shack!

Mom got another feline for Christmas.   She says her name is Grumpy Cat and she now lives under her Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Winston thought he should check her out but he decided he didn't have the energy to play with her.   Smart move Winston

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Victorian Christmas House and Felines!!

 Merry Christmas (a bit early!) from Santa Winston.   I'm here for a quick update on our household.  
 The weather here is decidedly UN-festive.   By this I mean it's been primarily rainy, damp and foggy.  This photo was taken by the Mom on a recent walk to view some Christmas lights!  In order to help her get into the Christmas spirit she and friend decided to do something fun!
 So that  Mom and a friend went to tour a Victorian home that had been decorated for Christmas.  She saw an Advent wreath!  
 Miss Emily here now!  Guess what, though, on the weekend there was a little bit of the white stuff!
 (Little birds trying to hide from me!)  Thankfully, the snow was so much fun to watch they were safe from my fierce feline huntress capabilities!
 It was nice to see the snow covering up all the drab greys and browns.  Plus, it was only a dusting so it wasn't too hard to get around!
 This is a plate of goodness inside the parlor where the Mom person went.   She said it was in a roped off area of the Victorian Christmas house!   Poor goodies for her!
 Winston and Oscar now.  Oscar has been feeling kind of tired so I snuggled up to him.   He has another spa day before Christmas.  
 This is the dining room in that same Christmas house.   Mom fell in love with the dishes!   We think she should be more interested on the food.   Silly humans!   Don't worry, though....
 There was a tiny, but delicious, plate of goodies for the Mom and her friend!  There was homemade gingerbread (the Mom got the recipe!)and shortbread.   They even got a cup of warm apple cider!
 The Victorians lit their trees with real candles!   Mom says she doesn't think that would work for us?  Just look at that cool kitty tree just dangling with ornaments for us to smack around!

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Gift for the Felines?

Good morning.  Oscar and Winston this morning.   We are cuddling together on the couch.   Mom always says her heart feels better when she sees us being sweet with each other.   We do try to make her happy but most especially near Christmas.
Here are a few of the goings on with us the past little bit.
 The Mom person met with some friends this past weekend.   They drove around a bit to look at Christmas lights.  This house really went all out and they even got out of the car to stop and take a closer look!
 They then went to K's house for some tea and treats.   Mom liked everything but the chocolate chip shortbread was her favorite.
They even exchanged presents!!   She even got this notepad.   We don't understand why she laughed.  
It reminded us that we haven't received any presents yet!   We don't care who brings us presents--it can be the Mom or the dude in the red suit or whoever!
 Purr greetings from Miss Emily.   I had a narrow escape as the Mom person almost put a fake blue ribbon on my head in this photo!   Can you believe the nerve of her?   (***pst  I overheard her saying something about us getting an early Christmas present this Sunday!  I'm so excited I could just bite the Mom's fingers!)  Anyway, that Mom went to a Christmas market to shop for some presents for the other (less important humans) on her list.
 There were a lot of vendors!   Mom bought her yearly potato pancakes with applesauce and then started to shop!   She found some beer scented soap for a relative and some pretty flavor infused honey.  Alas, though, the little shop that sold catnip treats wasn't there this year.   ** life is so unkind.  I don't know how Mom is going to make it up to us!*
This dapper gentleman is played music with a puppet.   The little kids loved him.   I would have loved to gnaw on that puppet.

When it comes to the tree I have mostly been good...that the Mom can see anyway!   I hope you felines are having a great week and the humans are being super nice to you!
Miss Emily

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Feline Christmas Preparations

Hello felines.  Oscar today.   I hope everyone is doing well.   I'm a bit miffed.   The vet's office called the yesterday to cancel my spa day.   Something about emergencies...blah blah blah.   I guess I understand but I think my furs are pretty important.  
This heart is one of the Mom's favorite tree ornaments.   It took us felines a few years but she eventually clued in and only put up ornaments that were fabric, wood or pewter.   Alas, the sound of breaking Christmas ornaments.
In case your human needs some persuading about WHY you MUST have your favorite treat or toy for Christmas I've included this helpful diagram.   My personal favorites are the head butts, purring  and the poofy when mad!
This is Miss Emily dreaming about what she would like to get.   She did get a bit of an early Christmas gift.  The Mom bought some boots -they looked a bit like this-and guess what?!   Emily got the box!

Seriously,   the Mom person just took off the lid and put a towel inside.   But the way Emily carried on you would think it was like this cat castle!
The Winston kitty likes to get into the spirit of the season.   He fancies himself a kitty Santa.   Pfftt...he does like to give out extra purrs to make sure he gets his favorite treats.  The boy has no shame!
This is a Christmas treat that one of Mom's co-workers gave her--a Hershey kiss mouse!    We were all very interested in that!   But do you know what...the mousie never made it home.   That Mom ate it up!   Though it was a mouse.   I guess I can understand that!
The Mom has been dreaming of a cozy get away for a while now.   She took this photo a few years ago at a log cabin.   She will just have to content herself with sipping tea in front of a Christmas program on the tv for now.  
I should close for now.   All this reporting is exhausting me.   I will close with this silly cartoon that the Mom like....honestly, what feline in it's right mind would demean it self to such a degree!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Santa's gonna fly over my house

Hello all.  It's Emily.   Well, remember when I told you earlier I may have had a bit too much fun and was concerned I would get nothing for Christmas.   You were all very kind and said that I had plenty of time to make up for it.   But today...I'm not so sure.
 Today the Mom person got an e-mail from the library.

Apparently, a book was returned with kitty teeth marks on  the front cover
AND they are charging the Mom to replace the book.

I just took little bites on the corner. Mom didn't even
notice it until she saw the book at the library.
Right away she suspected me.


 This is the delicious book that was damaged.   Mom said she never even got a chance to read it.   Well, Mom, look at this way.   Once you pay for it you get to take the book home for keeps.  I may, or may not, continue to nibble on the delicious cover.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kitty Elf Names

Hello all.   We felines are getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season.  Kitty chores for us include, but are not limited to: inspecting Christmas gifts, knocking ornaments onto  the floor, flattening wrapping paper and reminding the Mum person what we need for Christmas.
However, we were distressed on day to discover that Mom has assigned us kitty elf names.   
Apparently, my Winston kitty elf name is:
Festive Pickle-Pants!
I was aghast!   
Mom just giggled.
Here is how to discover what should be your kitty Elf name!
 Oscar likes to indulge in the nip.  Since our Mom is being so silly who can blame him!  His Elf name is
Elfie Pointy-Ears. undignified.
*as an aside-Perhaps Oscar is feeling too mellow to care.  He just had another spa day and the vet tech said he even liked the warm bath part.  His favorite part is still the soft warm towels!  I suppose he can tolerate Elfie Pointy-Ears for the holiday season.*
 Finally, Miss Emily.   Miss Emily takes her chore of knocking Christmas ornaments onto the floor very seriously!  She should be amply rewarded on Christmas morning with many treats  for all her troubles!   Her name for the Christmas season is
Squeezy Snow-Bum.
Tee hee.  I, Winston, found that quite amusing.   Emily didn't find it the least bit funny, though.  

I will close with this photo of the downtown area all lit up for Christmas.   Much of the snow melted this morning but there is more on the way.   We thought we should close by telling you our Mom's Elf Name--
Pixie Tinsel-Shoes.
All I can say is she deserves it.
Purrs for a great week.
Winston kitty
Festive Pickle-Pants