Sunday, January 21, 2024

Holiday Activities

Emily wishes you all a "happy New Year!" The holiday season was hectic but I was able to visit with family on Christmas Eve. This was my first family visit in 3 years. The first 2 years Covid was responsible for the missed reunion. Last year there was a blizzard. My sister lives out of town and much of the day was spent driving. Not only did I get to see my family but I met my nephew's dog, Hazel!
Hazel is a toy beagel. I was twiterpated with this little woofie! Later that day, I was also able to make it to a Christmas Eve service. This is the first service I went to in years.
I also went with a friend to see a ballet. Another first since Covid. First, we went out for a yummy lunch. We both had baklava for dessert!
Then off to the ballet!
On my week off I did housework and ran errands. I even discovered a fun (but expensive) candy store!
Willow wishes you a lovely rest of the day! I bought them a new scratching post for Christmas. Unfortunately, neither Emily or Willow like it :( I am planning to visit your blogs over the coming week. Purrs from Emily and Willow!