Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday morning with the kitty brats

 Hello.  It's Winston kitty here this morning.  The weather has been typical of March --cold, rainy, windy, mild with flurries.   Mom says she doesn't know how to dress for that kind of crazy change weather.
 She saw her first robin last week and noticed these green shoots trying to spring up through the cold earth and snow.
 Hi folks-Oscar here.   I had my second shot on Friday .  I was also informed that I have lost 2 pounds since this UTI business started.   The vet sent Mom home with an appetite stimulant.  She frets about my infection, my finicky appetite and my back legs not supporting me because of the arthritis.  In addition to the meds she is giving me extra cuddles and attention AND I was informed she wants to purchase me a cat water fountain so I won't be tempted to jump to the bathroom counter for my gourmet water!   She is looking into this right now.  
Mom also managed to get herself sick.  She says it's no wonder with the crazy weather!
 Mom wishes she could be back here at the cottage in front of the fireplace with a tea and a freshly made cookie.   If us felines could be there, too, she says it would be pefect!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Windy, Rainy Days--Oscar update

The vet's office got back to us with Oscar's test results...he has another urinary tract infection.  This was a surprise as we thought we were testing his thyroid again.  Poor Oscar has to make a weekly trek back to the vet's office for the next couple of weeks for an antibiotic.  We are also wanting the vet to take another look at his arthritic back's really causing him trouble.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A wee bit of "fluffy" gossip from Emily

 Ahem! Emily here near the end of the week interrupting her valuable beauty regime time (on the table no less) to dish out a bit of gossip fill everybody in on our feline news.   There is still snow on the has been milder and some of the white stuff is melting
 Then at night it freezes again but Mom says she can feel the change in the air.  
 We are all still waiting to hear about Oscar's test results.  It seems to be late coming in and it makes Mom antsy.  She was all fretful earlier this week because Oscar's back leg was really bothering him.  She gave him his pain meds and even put a heated pad on his back leg at 4 in the morning.  Don't tell Mom I told you but she can be a bit of a space cadet when she tries to do things during one of her sleepless nights.  We know she means well, though.
 Do you remember the tea she bought for her birthday?  Chapters had their Christmas tea on sale and she had a gift card....WELL...she discovered a new flavor that she likes and, here is the most important bit, she has given me a new nickname.   I am now sometimes called her "sweet ginger plum" after one of the nicest tea flavors.
I rather like that name it is certainly better than "fudgy nose" which I don't really approve of at all.  Hmmph....Here is the Winston kitty staring out the window.

 We are hearing a lot more birds now!  I think that is what Winston was doing here....though Mom has not yet seen a robin.  Mom says when she sees a robin that means spring is coming.
 See this photo of me...tee hee...more of me being bad!   I was trying to steal something from one of my Mom's guests.   Mom's guest has to swoop me up away from her plate.  I was foiled in my plan but don't worry I won't give up.  If any of you felines think that was bad wait till you see the next photo!   Are you ready?   *Can you see my naked tummy?*   I refused to let Mom brush me and I got a nasty matt in my tummy furs.  Mommy is trying to use psychology on me and patience but the vet had to shave my tummy fur.  Mom wants some helpful advice but I just want you to notice my velvety soft tum....

Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick hi

Winston and Oscar have some feline wisdom to pass along

Says little Miss Emily-- 
"Who is she calling "little"?

Monday, March 2, 2015

A wild and wooly weekend adventure

 Purrs and salutations to all!   Winston kitty here to report on Mom's wild and wooly weekend activities.  Our human has aged another year and she felt compelled to console  celebrate the occasion with various activities!
 There were some wonderful presents!
 There was a birthday donut!  On to you now, Oscar!
 Hello felines and their peoples!   Mom also got to go the big bookstore two days in a row!   She loved this journal!
 She just thought it was funny but I can tell you it would have suited her perfectly!
 There were birthday breakfasts with her family!   And now on to Emily who has seen fit to monopolize my favorite sink!

 Oscar is right!  I love this sink!  He has to share it with me now!   He is a good sport though.  He is one cool cat!  Now on to Mom's b-day adventures.
 Some of Mom's friends also took here out to an old fashioned burger place.  She loves root beer!  Plus she bought some tea with a gift card!  The tea was on sale......