Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Winston and Emily say Hello

 Hello.  Winston kitty taking a small nap.  I had a very upset tummy recently.  Of course, it was right before Mom had to leave for work.   So when Mom called the vet later Dr. B suggested that Mom take away my food!  What!  No food for 12 hours.  I didn't let a little thing like kitty puke stop me from eating...so I was a bit perturbed to see my bowl taken away.  I also made sure to make sad eyes at Mom while sitting right next to the empty bowl. 
 Good day from Emily.  You should know that Mom has given us back the food.  Also-she has not seen, so far at least, any indication of a kitty puke. 
Mom called the vet back with the results this morning.  Please keep your paws crossed.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Winston and Emily Drop By

 Hello.  Winston kitty here.  I'm forcing the Mom to chronicle our feline escapades!   I am trying to keep Mom focused but it is a challenge these days!