Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Silly Mom

 Winston kitty here today.   I wanted to show you something that Mom just bought that she is far too excited about-at least in my humble feline opinion.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October's End

 Hello all,  It's Winston kitty today.  I'll interrupt my busy schedule of anihilating this vicious toy to keep you all up to date on our feline, and feline servant, happenings.
 It's getting close to the end of the month.  Mom loves October because of the beautiful autumn leaves.  There are still some trees with leaves but there are more trees that are showing us their empty branches.  Mom took a walk yesterday.  She couldn't resist shuffling through the leaves on the sidewalk.  Mom loved the sound of her shoes going through the fallen foliage. Said it made her feel like she was in elementary school again!   Whatever, Mom!
 It's my turn now!  Emily reporting for you all.  Here is a photo of me trying to decide how I should occupy myself--should I scratched one of the posts, play on the essss, or attack the vicious pink fluffy "snake".   People think felines have it easy but I can assure you we face difficult decisions everyday!  Back to Mom now....that walk...well it led her through the park.
 The park is always beautiful but she thinks it is especially beautiful at this time of year.  Mom isn't the only one fascinated with the leaves.  I wish she would have brought us back some to sniff and play with later.  She won't, though, because Winston has an insatiable desire to rip into them and gobble them up  Mom , the spoil sport, doesn't approve!
It's my turn, now, Emily.   I don't mind interrupting my naps for you!   Mom's walk through the leaves and the park ended up at a cute little cafe to meet a friend.  She had a lovely tea!  Plus she talked about important things like felines and possibly books and cat toys!  I know she talked about cat toys.
 Here the tea is steeping and the cafe provides a small shortbread cookie on the side.  Yummy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Days

"Is it Monday all ready?   Groan. Purr.  Well, 'tis I, Oscar, to keep you all posted on the last bit of  Mom's staycation.  After, I am going to snuggle right back down to a nice nap!
Some of Mom's family came for a visit!  They always admire us felines before anything else.  This is only right and proper.  Once our admiration fest is done, though, they head out for some breakfast.  They need to keep up their strength for a busy day of visiting ahead. 
 They took a long walk in the park.  It was overcast and very windy.  Mom says the grey, leaden sky just helps to highlight the glow and flame of the leaves.  Now Winston and Emily are going to continue....
 Ummmm....guys....could you stop tussling long enough to keep everybody up to date? 
 The squirrels at the park are very friendly.   We were able to feed the furry critters some peanuts!
 This brave squirrel was rewarded with a peanut.  Us felines were very interested in these rodents with bushy tails.  Mom said at one point, there were nine squirrels gathering!
 Once it started to rain, though, they had to leave.  After that they went to the mall (boring!) and came back for muffins and tea.  Have a lovely week peoples and felines.  Purrs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Staycation Reports

Hello felines and their peoples,  It's Emily reporting from her very own box!   Mom's toaster broke and she was cross because, apparently, it wasn't very old.  The good news is that the toaster came with an Emily- sized box just for me.  I used to think Winston was a bit obsessed with the cardboard but I'm beginning to think the fluff ball is on to something.  So....Mom is on staycation this week and decided to stay close to home.  She did go on one of her relaxing photo walks, though.
The park is nice this time of year.  The leaves are turning colors and the air is generally cooler.   Sometimes Mom brings us home leaves to sniff.  Well, she used to bring us home leaves, until Winston grabbed one from her hand and proceeded to chow down on the foliage.  Tee hee.  You should have seen Mom's face!
Ahem, it's Oscar now.  Emily is very nice but I find she gets excited about telling our news and pushes her way to the head of the post.  We may have to talk to her about manners and letting her more senior felines have a chance to go first once in a while!  Nevertheless, I am glad Mom is home.  I was able to have a nice comfy nap on her tummy the other day. Mom is a bit under the weather this week.   Well, let me tell you that a nice nap and a purring feline on your tummy can help you feel better! 
Mom had a nice visit with some of her family.  Her Mom brought the woofie.  The woofie is a big old boxer.   He is friendly but Mom still didn't think he should come and meet us.   Woofie did get a nice long walk outside to make up for the disappointment of not meeting us fabulous felines!
This is Maverick taking our Mom's mother for a walk.  He is very strong!  Now Winston gets to have a turn!  Psst... Winston...Winston... you are up now!
Yawn....hello all!  I don't mind interrupting my  nap to tell you what's going on here these days.  Mom is sticking close to home and takes walks, cleans, meets friends but she also does some oh-la-la type stuff.  She got her tootsies colored with paint again.  This time she chose a color called OPI with a Nice Finn-ish.  This is a nice brown gold color.  She thought it appropriate for autumn.  I can't understand Mom.  When people touch my toe nails I go all crazy kitty!  Maybe if the painted my tootsies I would not mind....Nah...I would still mind.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello everybody!   I get to tell you about what has been going on this past week.   First off, I, Emily, have been insulted!  Mom laughed at me.  Can you believe it?  Here is what happened:  I was valiantly protecting my home from a vicious blue straw and, in the midst of our desperate battle, I apparently managed to turn a graceful somersault!  Instead of applauding my attempts to keep house and home safe the biped laughs at my acrobats.   I may forgive her if there is a treat in my immediate future!
 Mom bought this plaque one day when she went to the mall for groceries.  It's created by an artist called Kelly Rae Roberts.  She has one other picture by this lady.  Mom said the words on the picture "spoke" to her.
 Autumn is definitely here.   The mornings are cold and misty.   The leaves are turning all sorts of gold, cinnamon  and russet.  It's Mom's favorite time of the year!  Tomorrow, here in Canada, we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  There will be yummy foods (do you think us felines will get some extra treats, too?) and company through out the weekend.