Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sleepy Emily

 Hello from Emily.  I am resting against Mom in this photo.  It may shock you to know that being a cat is exhausting work!
 The leaves are slowly starting to turn colour.  Sometimes it was so chilly at night that Mom put on another blanket.  Only now we are getting summer temperatures again.
 Mom had a picnic in the park earlier this month with one of her sisters and her Mom.  It rained...a little bit...but they still had a nice visit.
 Hello from Winston.  I am still patiently waiting for a fabulous birthday gift from Mom.  I am a very patient feline.  I can wait.
internet photo NOT taken by Mom
Mom will be having a few weeks of vacation soon.  In anticipation of that, she purchased 2 skeins of yarn.  She saw a simple tutorial for a scarf online.  This is the yarn she bought.  Emily and I think she is more entranced with the pretty colours and the soft texture of the wool than the reality of knitting.  Keep your paws crossed that she finds it relaxing!
 We will close with this funny from Pinterest.   Mom is tired most of the time and we hope her upcoming vacation will, hopefully, give her more energy.  We hope everyone is doing well.
From Pinterest

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"King for a Day"

 Hello all!  Guess who had a birthday on September 2?  Yeah, that is right!  Me!  Winston Kitty! 
Guess who forgot my birthday again?  *** MOM***   She barely managed to save the day because Facebook reminded her.  Hmmpff...every year.   She really needs to organize her time better.
To make up for her lack of birthday presents, I was spoiled outrageously.   I received extra cat treats, brushes, lavish compliments and a promise of a lovely gift.

 Mom found this mug in Wal-Mart recently.  It makes her ridiculously happy.  She uses it for tea AND hot chocolate.
 Mom was told that to see a butterfly is a sign of hope for good change.  Mom sure hopes so.
 These are Mom's vacation socks.  She said she needs to get them ready for her 2-week vacation next month.  The app on her phone says there are 32 days left. counts down the hours, minutes AND seconds too.