Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting for supper

In the last few weeks, I've been going through my old memory cards and uploading a few of the videos.  I found this one of Lucy and Winston waiting for their supper.  I love Lucy's expression-so intense and patient-waiting for her "dumb Mum" to hurry up and feed her already.  I'm glad I have this video of them.  I miss my Lucy so much.
Hope everybody has a great week!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Emily Comandeers a Blog Post

 Hello felines and their humans, 
I, Emily, have decided to take over today's blog post.  Enough is enough.  I have lots to say.  Besides I think the boys are asleep and what they don't know can't hurt them.  I thought you felines might appreciate this photo of me reclining gracefully on the dining room table.  You heard right--the table.  It is a very enjoyable resting station for me. (tee hee)  Anyway, I will recount some of the highlights of the last little bit of time.  First off, the Winston kitty had to go to the vet for a spa day.  Do you see that floofy tummy?  Well, come a bit closer I don't want to say this too loudly, he gets dreadful tatty in his fur there.  So off to the vet he goes for a wee bit of a shave, claw trimming and an extra nice grooming.  Only you and I know there is now a bit of pink tummy showing in that ocean of fluffy white furs!
I tried to be friendly with the Oscar kitty by giving him a gentle bum sniff but he would have none of it!  He hissed at me and walked away. Other than that, though, we get along O.K.  What I have discovered is that Oscar likes to nap.   Mom says his arthritic leg sometimes bothers him.  However,  here is a bit more gossipy type info for you, he loves to indulge in the nip.  Oscar will get all happy kitty when he gets hold of the kitty nip toy.  Mom says he is sweet.  Mom also said I am NOT at all sweet when I get into the nip.  I, apparently, turn a bit crazy.  She says maybe I need to wait until I am a bit older before I indulge in this feline activity.   **sigh**

 Mom found another cute little free library box on a recent walk to the grocery store.  She always takes a peek inside to see if there is anything interesting.  Usually, she notices these tiny library's on the way back from the grocery store and doesn't want to carry anything else.   Between you and me, though, she has enough books at home.  Books are taking up valuable kitty reclining space in my humble opinion!
 Apparently, one of my nick names is Petal.  This is after a minor character in a children's book she likes.  Mom tried to explain that this was a really nice nickname.  She showed me this photo of a rain covered rose.  She loves raindrops on flowers.....So, I guess Petal is a nice enough nick name.  I can tell you one thing--it's a lot nicer than another nick name she gave me:  Fudge Nose.   Honestly, that is a terrible one!  I'm not sure I can break her of it, either.  She gives the boys some pretty silly names.

 This is me reclining on the hallway bench it's my favorite spot to stretch out and air my tummy furs.   Mom says I have no modesty.  I say if you have a lovely, fluffy tummy you should let the world enjoy it's beauty!  Uh oh--I hear a noise in the living room.  I think the boys are waking up!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stuff and Such

Hello folks and felines,  Oscar here to tell you what is happening in our world.  I interrupted my nap to relate this news...I hope you are paying attention!! Yes?  Well, then, here goes!
Mom and some friends went out for dessert recently.  One of her friends, K, celebrated a major accomplishment.   They decided sweets were the way to commerate the occasion!  Mom had cheese cake.   It tasted amazing according to her.  The photo below is the tea room.  It was both fancy and relaxed.

Well now, it's my turn.  Winston kitty here in his Buddha Boy pose.  Can you believe  Mom giggles at me when I sit like this?  I don't understand...I am merely trying to keep myself tidy and neat and that woman *laughs* at me.  Pfffttt to her I say.  Anyway, my uncaring human took a long walk the other day.  She walked past a vacant lot filled with wild flowers.  She said it was very restful to see the flowers blowing in the morning breeze.

The Queen Ann's Lace looked very delicate.

Mom recently came across an old memory card and when she uploaded the photos she found this picture of Lucy.  Mom says Lucy has the most beautiful eyes--so clear and sweet.  Mom gets all teary eyed a lot these days.  She misses Lucy so much.....
Well, I suppose  I should let the runt have a bit to say but only a very little bit.

Hello, this is Emily.  The boys say I can speak-but only briefly.  I am having fun trying to catch the little red dot and demolish the cat dancer.  I make Mom laugh--mostly!
I am supposed to wish everyone a lovely week!  Take care everybody.