Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Singing, Painting and Decluttering

 Hello.  This is Emily peeking around the corner.  Mom thinks I look concerned in this photo.  Last week Winston and I (quite rightfully)blamed Mom for slacking off with her blog posts.  There is always an excuse for her.  However, to be fair, work is extra busy and she has been decluttering like a dervish. 
 I would like to point out, Mom, that some of your "busy" are merely you out and about having fun.  Her friend, K, recently celebrated a birthday and they went to paint some pottery.
Mom said she felt like she was in grade school with all the paints!  (Guess what-she accidentally got her fingers covered in paint.  tee hee)
 This is the finished product.  In case you can't decipher Mom's creative efforts this is white birch trees in the winter.
 Do you remember me telling you that Mom has been decluttering like crazy?  Well, guess what?  She discovered a paper bag!  She had hidden it away for future feline fun and then forgot about it!  Winston and I had such fun whapping that thing around!
 Hello, it is Winston now.  Emily is correct.  Mom is out and about a fair bit.  She went to visit a bakery!