Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Hello. Happy first day of autumn. This morning it certainly felt like autumn. The air was brisk and frosty. My apartment temperature was at 55 F. Brr. Definetely time to turn on the heat. Thankfully, Emily and Willow like to cuddle. This is Miss Emily snuggling against my leg.
A couple of nights ago I got caught in a bad thunderstorm as I was walking home from work. Even with a rain coat and hood I was drenched by the time I got home. I squelched up the stairs and reminded Emily and Willow how fortunate they are that they were warm and dry inside. I warmed up with a hot chocolate.
I wish this photo was my apartment but it was taken a few years ago at a cabin I rented for a family outing :) Still, it is cozy!
Willow continues to delight me with her antics and spicey sweetness. She also continues to enjoy thieving-the furry little runt!
Signs of fall are all around me. I am looking forward to have a vacation in less then 2 weeks time. Willow and Emily will close for now with a funny from Pinterest.