Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feline Cuddles, Diva Issues and Birthdays!

 Kitties-see how snowy and cold it is where we live...there is only one solution!
 Greetings felines.   It's cuddle bugs Winston and Oscar today.   We are snuggled up on the back of the sofa.   Oscar just had a spa day at the vet's office on Friday.  We know that Mom loves him because not only does he get spa days BUT she gave Oscar her last heat pack.   It was her only one left for her muscle ouchies.   We especially like the birds hopping over it!
Guess what?!  The Mom person is going to have a birthday soon. 
Her sisters gave her a a birthday cake when she went to visit her step dad in the hospital on the weekend. 
In our opinion she got a little too excited!  But she said she hasn't had a birthday cake in such a long time and this one was so very pretty.   She also got a pretty scarf and a gift card to a book store.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miss Emily is not a diva

 Greetings Felines!   Miss Emily.   Since Mom was off last week I had an extra busy week trying to keep her out of mischief!  One of the chores I assigned her was to take me to the vet.   The cold snap had left by then and she was able to walk there with me in the kitty carrier.   Rest assured that I kept up a constant pitiful song as we walked.  
 Once Mom reached the vets, and we were sent to our room, I demanded to be freed and set about exploring!   Most of the photos were blurry...I kept that woman on her toes!   The vet decided that I should try a new food...something a bit more appealing to my delicate feline palette.   So far kitties, I have been loving the new food!
 Something else I also loved(beside my new catnip toy and food sample!) was this magnificent kitty condo.  I mean, just look at it, wow!  It covers the window.   Don't you think Mom should try and make me happy and purchase something like this?   I think if she put in a little effort she could probably just hoist it on her shoulder and carry it home.
 That Mom person owes us felines because she "cheated" on us with other cats!  She went to visit a nice lady who had purry ones of her one.   This first kitty, J, is a senior and Mom said she was very friendly.  J graciously accepted lots of brushings from Mom.  Personally, I think J might be a bit of a strumpet. 
 The black kitty, B, was more demure.   Mom said she was tiny and silky and delicate.   She even allowed the Mom to cuddle her!  Well...I never...I barely allow the Mom to cuddle me.   Should I be worried?
 The kitty visit finished off with a very relaxing tea: muffins, grapes, cheddar and the pots of tea.  I have to admit the Mom person seemed very relaxed when she finally got home.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 Hello.  Miss Diva Emily here.   Mom was cheeky enough to snap a photo of me whilst I reclined in my cat bed.  I gave her the paw of disdain!   Do you think that would stop her, though? Whatever!
The Mom person is off this week!   However, things were not nearly as relaxing as she had hoped.

 It's been so cold and gloomy the past week!  We felines are very thankful we can stay cuddled up indoors.   The Mom person gets to walk in the cold and the snow.  She doesn't usually mind only it's been so cold that she says the air feels like icy water flowing past her face.   I'll take her word for it!
It was so cold that, on Saturday night, the water pipes froze and then burst.   Since the Mom lives almost above that room she had trouble with her water.
 That and no laundry facilities since the weekend.   The poor superintendent was shoveling water out at 2:30 in the morning. 
 Oscar and Winston here now.   It hasn't been all frigid cold, bursting water pipes and sleepless nights, though.
 One of Mom's work "associates" had a little boy turn two and they (the boy and his Mom) brought these cute googly eyed cupcakes!   Wasn't that thoughtful.
 The Mom also met a friend this past Sunday.   Felines.  The Mom didn't sleep well the night before --because of the burst pipe thing--so it wasn't until almost 4 in the morning that she fell asleep and then her alarm went off at 7 pm.  We felines knew she was too sleepy to be trusted when she tried to measure her coffee with the handle of a butter knife.   (tee hee-we felines never suffer from lack of sleep!)   The Mom met a friend later in the afternoon and had a lovely chat and this delicious breakfast sandwich.  She said there was no meat-just egg, tomatoes, avocado and cheese.   It was hearty enough to save one side for her supper!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Thank you the Purrs are appreciated!!

 Hello!   A few days ago we asked for purrs for Oscar.   He is our senior kitty (he will be 18 in April) and recently had to spend the night at the vet's office.   Here I am checking out the apartment just in case he was hiding...*sigh* he was not hiding in the tub!   Well, the purrs must have worked because the orange timbit is home for now. 
Pfftt...the orange timbit.  What a silly nickname.   I'm sure we are the only felines who have to deal with such silly nicknames.   Anyway...yes.   The orange dude is home.   Mom is already trying to make another appointment for him.  However, she was able to pick him up on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy busy

 Good Monday morning.   Emily here.   Guess what?  The Mom deserted us this past weekend.  Her step dad is in the hospital again , he is waiting for a bed in palliative care, and she went to visit him.
It's a long drive and they had to stop at a highway restaurant for refreshments.  If you can believe it, there was nothing there for felines!   What kind of horrible place is this?!
 Don't you all think this service center would be more welcoming with a few felines curled up in the arm chairs?
 Thankfully, all of the snow is almost gone and the drive was dull with no weather surprises.
 This is a woofy.  His name is Maverick and he belongs to "grand" Mom and Ron (the stepdad).  He is also a senior.   Mom says that, for a dog, he is quite nice.
 Winston and Oscar now.   Sometimes we cuddle for warmth.  It is winter after all!
 The Mom person dragged the Christmas tree lights back out and draped them over the credenza.   She says she missed the soft, cheery glow.   Now she turns them on every evening when she reads.
 We also make sure she drinks frequent cups of tea, or other warm beverages.