Sunday, July 9, 2023

Willow Update

I was vacation last week. Thankfully, they vet's office was able to squeeze Willow in for a look over on Thursday. Upon further investigation, the vet thinks Willow may have collitis. Three different pills are needed for the next while: an antibiotic, a probiotic and "kitty immodium". I am not as patient as I wish. Giving Willow 3 pills is a challenge. I bought some pill pockets which Willow does not seem interested in. I used to give Lucy a pill every day for her asthma. I've either lost my touch or Willow is not as accomadating as Lucy. Please send positive thoughts and any gentle advice. I checked out several YouTube videos for advice and techniques. So far, most of them seem to indicate that I need two more hands. The past week was a typical staycation. I slept in a bit later. I tackled housework that I don't normally have time to do during a work week. My sister, Mom and some friends came for a visit. The swealtering weather, and the sometimes poor air quality, meant I only made it to the park for one visit. However, that walk was amazing!
Raindrops sparkled on the grass!
It sparkled on the flowers ♥
Bird song filled the air. I have an app on my cell phone that helps you to identify what birds are singing. I heard: woodpeckers, Coopers Hawk, a starling, a gold finch, a Cardinal, a Blue Jay and a Red-Winged Black Bird. Miss Emily istaking a wee snooze close by me. I lover her sweet and spunky nature. When I have company, she often walks over to our guests to give them a welcoming head bop.
I hope everyone has a good week! I'll close with this funny from Pinterest.