Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm on vacation and had a week of visiting with friends, bed and breakfast stayover, and a girl's night out at the cabin planned. Unfortunately, something is going around and it doesn't care that I'm on holidays. I did get in my bed and breakfast before becoming a full fledged sickie, though.
I also managed to squeeze in a visit with a good friend on Monday. We went out for lunch and talked for far too long. We thought were full but managed to share a piece of pie =)
We went to a thrift store after lunch and I found some pretty amazing things: 2 cute Christmas decorations, a teapot and cup, a book, and a new cat tea towel. This was all for under $4.00.
I'm going to try and be glad that at least I can lie down all day and sleep and drink hot water with lemon juice and honey! Now I'm off to try and rest away this nasty bug.