Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fabulous colouring book and flowers

 Hello!  Winston here.  Mom is letting me enjoy the koi app on her iPad.  I like to watch those plump fishes!
 We hope everyone is well!  Mom continues on with her long walks!  Some days she has to plan her walks between rain breaks.  Usually, when that happens she ends up getting caught in a rain shower.  She gets wet and then her sandals make dreadful squelching noises that bother us!
 Mom saw this fabulous colouring book in the drug store.  She said that she had to stifle a squeal of delight.  Goodness, Mom, we can tell you are not getting out much these days!
 Hello from Emily.  I enjoy my 16 hours a day naps.  Keeping Mom in line is exhausting!
 Mom liked this pink flower.
 These cute teddy bears!
 Winston here again.  We hope everyone had a chance to relax a bit this weekend.  You need to be gentle with yourself.  Emily and I don't understand why people are always on the go!  You need to recharge your batteries in order to keep your felines happy!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Nip and Chippies and Us!

 Good day!  Winston here.  We hope everyone is managing.  Our Mom continues to try and adapt to the new normal.

 The lilies of the valley were pretty while they lasted.  We had some very summery weather recently and they didn't last too long.  Mom made sure to enjoy them while she could.
 Mom says she misses the small things.  She hasn't had a scone and warm beverage with a friend since early March.  However, there are still other things to enjoy!
 She likes to visit Francis several times a week.  The little guy lives in a park-like setting.  This makes Emily and I quite sad.  We would love to see these little rodents when we look out our window.  We are thankful we get to see a parking lot, though.  Also a few trees.  Sometimes we see sparrows and crows fly by our window.
 Gosh, Winston, you are chatty today.  It is my turn to talk a bit.  Mom says she sometimes talks to Francis but all he really wants is the peanut she brings him.  Silly Mom.  Perhaps the more than 12 weeks in self-isolation is getting to her?  Don't worry.  Winston and I keep her grounded.  Nothing like a fur ball on the carpet to keep your human involved with reality!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Quick Hello

Hello from Winston.  I am very tired.  Trying to get Mom to play with me at 4 in the morning is exhausting!  Don't worry, though, as I plan on getttin some extra naps in during the day!
 Mom goes for a walk every day.  Recently she saw this butterfly on a lilac bush.  She thinks it is a Swallow Tail.  She said butterflies are beautiful.
Grumpy purrs from Emily.  I am giving Winston the What For.  He is always trying to boss me around but I won't stand for it!  This is why I'm looking so fierce and puffy.