Monday, July 25, 2016


 Hello.   It's Oscar!  Guess what?  We finally got rain.  We got a very nice thunderstorm in the middle of the night and it woke all of us up!   Thank goodness for the rain.
 Mom walked to and from the grocery store and the vet's office on Saturday.  She stopped at a scone shop to get a bottle of water.  She was very thirsty and she saw some lemon lavender scones.  She bought one and had it later at home.  It was delicious!  This photo isn't her photo...she found it on the internet but it is very similar to the scone she purchased.
 Grumpy purrs from Winston.  It has been very hot and humid.  Can you see the bit of my pink tummy showing through?   Mom thinks it is cute.   I just like that I feel a bit cooler this way.

 Hi everyone!  It's Emily.  Mom took this photo of me with her iPad.   I was keeping her company on the dining room table.   Yep, that storm woke us up but it's so good to have the rain.  Everything was turning yellow and brown.  Even the leaves on the trees.
 Courtyard garden flowers blooming! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Old is not for Sissies

 Hello.   Oscar here.  I'm posting a photo of me from a few years ago.   I was making sure the Mom person was studying.   I can't jump up on the table anymore to supervise, though.   So....Mom took me to the vet on Friday for a once over.   Mostly, though, because I was sitting funny.  My front leg shoulder was jutting out at a bit of an odd angle sometimes.   The vet examined me and said this was because the muscle there was wasting due to my age.   That vet sure does like do go on about my age.   Not only did she insult me about that but she poked, prodded and made me suffer through various other indignities which I won't mention.   She did, however, say that I had gained a bit of weight and that I looked better than I had on my last visit.   The Mom person was a bit relieved to hear that.   Guess what?!  I got two catnip toys for that visit.  Purrwowza!    Emily and Winston ended up fighting over one of the nip toys.
 We have had such a dry spell here.   The grass is yellow and withered and some of the leaves are falling from the trees.   However, that changed a few days ago with some fierce thunderstorms.   Mom snapped this photo on the way to an appointment.  Thankfully, she missed getting soaked!
 This is a view of the sunset from out living room window!   After the rain comes the sun!
 Some nice fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market.  
 The courtyard garden after a nice summer rain soaking.   Don't worry.  I haven't forgotten Bonnie and Clyde!   (yeah I know that is not their real names!)  Other than fighting over my nip toys they are up to their usual silliness!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Warrior Princess kitties DON'T Apologize

 Hello from Miss Emily.  I am all comfy on the chair today.  Also, I want to tell you that I probably am not responsible for this fallen lamp....
 That dumb lamp cramps my style.   I am a warrior princess!
 Even if the Winston kitty is bigger and older than me I think I can beat him up!   (ahem-I'm the one on the bottom of the fluff pile giving bunny kicks!)
 The Mom person had family visit this weekend.   They did A LOT of shopping!  Oh my goodness.  When they came back to my place they had iced tea and treats and relaxed by coloring a bit!
 This is the chai latte Mom had before their shopping trip.  She said it was delicious!
 We also had a bit of rain which is a very good thing.   In some place the grass is dry and yellow.  Also some of the trees were starting to drop leaf!   Mom was so happy to see rain!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Holiday weekends

Good morning!  Happy Canada Day for our Canadian felines on Friday.  Happy 4th of July for our American felines!    
Our Mom person is starting to feel better!  Thank goodness because it's not easy for us to be so accommodating when she neglects our play time!

 Mom took a walk on her day off this past Friday.  It was a rainy Canada Day.   In between rain showers, though, she went for a quick walk.  She saw this beautiful rose covered in rain drops!
 Grumpy purrs from Emily and Winston now!   This is us about to engage in feline smacky paws!  Honestly (snort) Winston usually starts it!  Don't worry, though, as I can fend for myself!   Feline Girl power!