Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Monday

 Good morning!  It's Oscar here this morning.  I'm posing next to my leaf!  Mom found this beautiful Maple leaf on her walk home from the grocery store on Saturday.   She brought it back for me to investigate.  I don't know what it was about the leaf but
 it made me feel like a young kitten (I'm almost 19 now!).  I sniffed the leaf.  After this photo was taken, I bit the leaf and got all wild.  Mom finally took it away.  She did say it was nice to see me acting so frisky!
 The leaf was on a previous walk, just after an autumn rain shower, Mom likes the way the raindrops sparkle.
 Purr from Miss Emily now!  I'm lying comfortably on top of the dining room table...the forbidden table.  "Do you think you can shame me off the table, Mom?"   Whatever.  
 The Mom is still fighting a bit of a cold, or something, because she gets tired and sleeps.  She also has dreadful sneezing fits that hurt my delicate feline ears.   I tell you that Mom has no consideration for me fragile ears!  Sometimes I can be very hard done by, felines.
 Just cause she is feeling under the weather doesn't mean she doesn't go for long walks.   This is a duck on the park lake on a misty morning.
 However, us felines, make sure she drinks lots of tea.   Make sure your human stays healthy is my advice.   The consequences otherwise are quite inconvenient!  There might loud sneezes, naps, lethargic service and grumpiness!
 Hi now from Winston.  See Mom?  I can be nice.   Here I am cuddling Oscar.
 More photos from a walk.  Mom likes walks but she admires those people who go running.   At least when she walks she can notice the beautiful season of changing leaves!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Manic, chilly Mondays and more

 Hello.  The boys here today.  Mom is back to work again.  As you can see, we miss her terribly!  We need to take extra naps to deal with the emotional trauma (whatever!)
 Mom found it difficult to get back into the swing of things.   She has been walking as much as possible so she can enjoy the autumn weather.   She saw this pink flower.
 Raindrops on oak leaves.

 She says sometimes the humans deserve an award just for getting up out of bed on Mondays.   I suppose it might be difficult to face the challenges of a new week.   But somebody has to pay for our expensive kibbles!
Mom says that a lot of the trees here are glowing with color.   She is even considering -get this-buying a new pair of boots--goodness!  We didn't realize it was getting to that point.  
 She saw that there was lots of pumpkins out and we told her this would be an excellent use of a pumpkin!  A kitty cat jack o lantern!  Since we live in an apartment, we don't get trick or treaters.   Good thing, too, it sounds like it would be a major disruption of your well-ordered lives!

 No chai lattes for Mom this past week but she did see a duck in the park!   We thought that was pretty neat.  Mom says ducks are funny...we just think they look yummy!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sparkling Days! (and felines)

 Hello.   I hope everybody had a good week.   Mom disturbed my new cozy spot so I could update everyone!  I love this place.  It's a crinkly cat cave on the blue chair and it's mine--ALL mine.  Happy purrs.
 The Mom really enjoyed the last week of her staycation.   Well, except for the permanent filling for her root canal, she had a lovely time!   She went to the hair dressers and saw this cute pillow.  I think Mom needs this pillow.  Well, she needs this pillow for me!
 The Mom also went to Chapters with her sister.  Her sister, A., came for a visit on Saturday.   They spent far too long in the book store.  Mom said she wishes she could be a little girl so she could play with this dollhouse!  She also went around snapping photos of all the books she wishes she could buy and then placing holds on them at her local library.  Since it was her vacation she did buy one book! She just finished reading it and enjoyed it.
 Purrs from Oscar.   Mom says this is my leading man pose.   I've been enjoying naps and a few more brushes with the FURminator.   Also, I've enjoyed bossing her around some more since she has been home.  I made sure she picked me up to put me in my comfy spot on the back of the sofa.   Also,  I make sure she keeps my water bowl supplied with fresh water.  It doesn't matter if it's already full-my water must be fresh.   She has to take the bowl away in front of me and then gently place the newly filled bowl in front of me before I will finally start to drink.  It's loads of fun!
 This photo might look familiar.  It's a pumpkin tea latte...well, she had another one on Saturday!  Two tea lattes in as many weeks!   Talk about frivolous!

 Something else the Mom saw at Chapters was this snow globe!  She loved the simplicity of it-a tiny cabin and two fir trees.  It even played "Oh Christmas Tree".  Mom has always wanted a snow globe but hesitates to purchase one because of the Winston kitty.  He is rapscallion!  
 Hey, Oscar.  I heard that!  I just enjoy life!  Stop maligning my good name....  I'm feeling all mellow here cause the Mom is giving me extra brushes!   Guess what?!  The Mom was out in the kitchen earlier dancing *it was scary*   Usually she likes listening to acoustic guitar, piano or cello music.  Sometimes even some light jazz or classical.   I don't know what got into her but she started dancing in the kitchen.  It's the staycation...I can't explain it otherwise.  Don't worry as she she goes back to work soon and she won't have the energy for such things!
The Mom has also been going to the park to take photos.  She left very early one morning (about 7:30) and saw a mist rising from the lake. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has seen in a while:the golden slant of sunlight, the leaves glowing and the soft mist swirling on the water.
 She saw 4 bluejays and a hawk!   The hawk swooped by her!  He must have seen some tiny little rodent scurrying in the grass.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fantabulous Staycations!!

 Miss Emily wishing our Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!   I'm thankful for Mom's sandals.  I like to bury my face inside.  Mom says I'm weird.   I'll continue to love her anyway!
Mom is still on staycation.   She has had her root canal on Thursday.  Another trip to a different dentist on Friday.   Hopefully, the last visit will be this coming Wednesday for the permanent filling.
Keep your paws crossed, felines.  Mom says she is all dentisted out. 
 One of the fun things Mom did was get a pedicure!   She narrowed it down to two possible colors.   Mom's toes are more adventurous than Mom.  Her toes like to try out wild colors.
 Happy toes!
 Hello.  Oscar here!  Mom wasn't the only one to have a spa treatment.  I go to the vet about four times a year now.   I had a nice mini spa treatment.   My nails were clipped, my fur was thoroughly brushed (it's hard to groom yourself when you are almost 19) and other things (anal glands) that I didn't appreciate!  The vet said I had gained a bit of weight and that I was holding my own.

 Mom was mortified when she saw how much fur came off in my grooming (which I loved)!   Mom has heard so many nice things about the furminator.   She finally bought one for us.  TA-DA
 I like it!  Winston kitty loves it!  Even Miss Emily likes getting brushed with it and purred.  Mom was amazed.  Miss Emily doesn't grace us with purrs very often.
 Mom was thrilled to find these tiny pumpkins.  She was feeling so frivolous that she bought two!
On her second walk to the dentist she stopped at a nice bakery.  She thought these cookies were a lot of fun but also expensive!   She bought a pumpkin loaf cake for Thanksgiving, though.
 Purrs from Winston.  Yes, I love the Furminator.   Mom is amazed at the fur that comes off me with that brush!   I think I look even more handsome than usual!
The Mom takes extra walks now.  The weather is cooler.  The leaves are changing.  This is the park close to where we live.
 There were some ducks, geese and even a swan at the park.   Mom also had company!  Our Grandma came for a visit on Saturday.  They went to William's Cafe for breakfast.  The Mom got her first pumpkin tea latte.   She said it was delicious!
Then they went shopping!   Some more tea for Mom--she is fighting a cold--so she thought the tea was medicinal.   Whatever excuse she can find to have tea.   Her tea cupboard is getting too full again.
Yesterday, Mom went to visit some very kind people to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They went on a relaxing hike through the  woods!
Beautiful trees!  Then back to their house for a yummy turkey dinner.
There was a super delicious cute chipmunk on the patio there.  Mom squealed because he was so adorable.   What I wonder is how come the people get a feast and we only get extra treats (and a furminator) when this little rodent is so close by!
Wishing everybody a great week.
the kitty brats

Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Staycation Time

 Hello!  Greetings from Winston.  I'm very happy in this photo because I'm in my favorite box and I've caught the mousie!  Also-the Mom is now on vacation.   She can sleep in!   Hooray.   A well rested Mom is usually a more pliable servant in my opinion.
 She saw this sign on a recent walk to the grocery store.   I'm trying to convince her that this sign is necessary for us!  I mean, who could be more fierce than us three felines.  
 The leaves are starting to turn color now.   This is the primary reason the Mom wants holidays in the fall.  She loves the colors and the cooler temperatures and comfy sweaters.   We also start to be a bit more cuddly.    Her toes start to look cold so I have been known to sleep on them.
 Purrs from Oscar.   This is my teddy bear.   Mom thought I might like a soft friend to curl up with me on the back of the sofa.   He is pretty cuddly and makes an excellent pillow!
 More photos from her recent walks.  Can you believe this rose was still around?  
 Here is the view from my favorite window!   I like to sit in the window-it starts from the floor and is taller than Mom.  Sometimes I see other felines but mostly I like to watch the sparrows.   I rule over a large area, peoples!
 Purrs from Miss Emily.  This photo of me is fuzzy but see how nicely I fit in the box?!  It was meant for me, I think.  
 Mom treated herself to a meal at a vegetarian restaurant recently.  It was called the Angry Vegan.  Only Mom was NOT angry when she ate it.  She seemed to enjoy it as much as we enjoy gobbling our treats.
 Even though she is on vacation, we find it takes her a little while to wind down.   She still has cleaning, tidying and appointments to do.  Her root canal is on Thursday.  We hope she is in a good way after...cuz we still looking after.  Not just regular looking after but the luxury treatment all felines are entitled to in the home.   We are constantly thinking of ways for her to pamper us.  Sometimes she doesn't have a clue, though.