Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sparkling Days! (and felines)

 Hello.   I hope everybody had a good week.   Mom disturbed my new cozy spot so I could update everyone!  I love this place.  It's a crinkly cat cave on the blue chair and it's mine--ALL mine.  Happy purrs.
 The Mom really enjoyed the last week of her staycation.   Well, except for the permanent filling for her root canal, she had a lovely time!   She went to the hair dressers and saw this cute pillow.  I think Mom needs this pillow.  Well, she needs this pillow for me!
 The Mom also went to Chapters with her sister.  Her sister, A., came for a visit on Saturday.   They spent far too long in the book store.  Mom said she wishes she could be a little girl so she could play with this dollhouse!  She also went around snapping photos of all the books she wishes she could buy and then placing holds on them at her local library.  Since it was her vacation she did buy one book! She just finished reading it and enjoyed it.
 Purrs from Oscar.   Mom says this is my leading man pose.   I've been enjoying naps and a few more brushes with the FURminator.   Also, I've enjoyed bossing her around some more since she has been home.  I made sure she picked me up to put me in my comfy spot on the back of the sofa.   Also,  I make sure she keeps my water bowl supplied with fresh water.  It doesn't matter if it's already full-my water must be fresh.   She has to take the bowl away in front of me and then gently place the newly filled bowl in front of me before I will finally start to drink.  It's loads of fun!
 This photo might look familiar.  It's a pumpkin tea latte...well, she had another one on Saturday!  Two tea lattes in as many weeks!   Talk about frivolous!

 Something else the Mom saw at Chapters was this snow globe!  She loved the simplicity of it-a tiny cabin and two fir trees.  It even played "Oh Christmas Tree".  Mom has always wanted a snow globe but hesitates to purchase one because of the Winston kitty.  He is rapscallion!  
 Hey, Oscar.  I heard that!  I just enjoy life!  Stop maligning my good name....  I'm feeling all mellow here cause the Mom is giving me extra brushes!   Guess what?!  The Mom was out in the kitchen earlier dancing *it was scary*   Usually she likes listening to acoustic guitar, piano or cello music.  Sometimes even some light jazz or classical.   I don't know what got into her but she started dancing in the kitchen.  It's the staycation...I can't explain it otherwise.  Don't worry as she she goes back to work soon and she won't have the energy for such things!
The Mom has also been going to the park to take photos.  She left very early one morning (about 7:30) and saw a mist rising from the lake. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has seen in a while:the golden slant of sunlight, the leaves glowing and the soft mist swirling on the water.
 She saw 4 bluejays and a hawk!   The hawk swooped by her!  He must have seen some tiny little rodent scurrying in the grass.

Hi, it's Miss Emily again! Autumn is the Mom's favorite time of the year.  She loves the cooler temperatures, the frosty nights and the glowing leaves.
But, guess what, I need to let you go for now.  I realized my toe tufts need my immediate grooming attention!
Purrs and head bops to all for a nice week!


  1. Emily, we think you need that pillow too!!!

  2. Emily, we think you need that pillow too! And that your mom deserves to treat herself to that snow globe, if it really speaks to her heart. Life is very short and always uncertain, so if she loves it, tell her to find a way to get it. (And protect it from kitty whaps!) :-)

    The photo of the mist over the water is lovely, worth framing. What a true Joy to have been there to see and experience that.

    Purrs to you all, especially to Oscar. We hope everyone has a good week.

  3. I too take photos (or write a note) while I'm at a bookstore, then go find it at the library! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to support five cats and The Hubby...I'd have books instead!

  4. One of my favourite places is a bookstore so I understand your Mom spending time there! Looks like everyone had a great week and you all enjoyed your extra time with Mom.
    Take care and have a good week.

  5. You are all such cuties. That is sweet that your Mom gets you fresh water constantly.

  6. Sounds like you kept your Mom entertained on her holiday. Your Mom took some beautiful photos. Have a great week.

  7. Oscar, she is totally wrapped around your orange paw.

  8. Beautiful photos, every one of them. Good to see you, Oscar, Winston.

  9. So beautiful. Nice to see you, pals!