Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Quick Hello

Hello from Winston.  I hope you are all well.  I have a grumpy face today.   Mom said she is a bit pressed for time and won't tell you everything I want to say.  Harumph!
Emily and I are doing well.  We are shedding fur.  Knocking stuff over.  "Accidently smacking our favorite toys under heavy objects.  The usual.  Mom is busy at work with training almost every day for the last month.  Plus there are some very sick co-workers which means they are short staffed.  Thankfully, none of this will inconvenience us felines.  

 Can you believe that just last week there was an ice storm!   The flowers are all popping up overnight.  Mom says it is beautiful!   We hope your spring has finally arrived as well!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ice Storms and Mondays and Dentists

 Hello, felines.   Did any of you have a spring storm this past weekend? We did!  Wind, slush, and freezing rain.   Mom worked on Saturday but got to leave 2 1/2 hours early because of the weather.
This photo is of me cuddling with her.

 The poor snowdrops could not withstand the icy onslaught!
 Mom saw some damage due to the storm.  This was on her walk to the dentist (again!)
 Purrs from Winston.   I say this is the kind of weather where everyone should just take a nap.  Mom mumbled something about "must be nice!"
She can be such a grumpy pants sometimes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Good morning.  Emily here.  I'm loving the dining room table.  So many sunbeams to enjoy!
It has been nice to enjoy any sunbeams that come around.  It's been dreary.  Overcast skies.  I asked Mom to include this photo from last May.  Just so you could enjoy a bit of color!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Busy Easter Weekend.

 Good morning.  It is Winston hopping by for a quick hello.  We hope that everyone had a lovely week.
 If you celebrate Easter we hope that it was a nice one!  Our Mom worked on Saturday.  She did, however, manage to get in a couple of visits.
 These snowdrops are from last year.   Mom thinks we are a bit behind from the previous year.

 Miss Emily now.  The laundry basket is one of the nicest, most comfy, places in the world.  My favorite time to visit is just after Mom has brought up warm, dry clothes from the laundry room!
 Mom and her family went to visit a Pioneer House on their visit.   This is a loaf of freshly made rye bread.  They made it in the wood stove!
 This is something called Egg Butter.  She had a tiny sample and said it was "interesting"!
 A spinning wheel in one of the upstairs rooms.  Mom couldn't get too close because the area was roped off.
 This tiny pair of bird scissors was on a window ledge.  Mom has never seen anything like it!