Monday, February 23, 2015

Just another manic Monday

Hello!   This couch is so comfy.  Mom laughs at me because I'm all sprawled out on top of it.  I may have to reprimand her for such cheekiness but not now as I am all relaxed.   Mom had some company on Saturday.  They went shopping.  Mom said the snow plow drifts in the parking lot were very high!
Super big snow plow drifts.  Yikes.  It doesn't look the least bit comfy-too cold.
Mom was twiterpated with this teapot and bunny.   She resisted the temptation again because she wanted to buy something else. 

But before that she and her company had a bit of a break.  A nice cup of apple cranberry tea gave her some strength to continue.   Mom can get tired fast when she is in stores.  She says crowds can be exhausting.  Thankfully, tea helps with frazzled nerves.
Something else that lifts Mom's spirits are her ruby slippers.   She says just looking at them makes her smile.   She even speculated that she should bring them with her to work.   That way, if for some reason she is having a tough day, she can click her heels together three times  and she will be home!
(We think she is having fun at our expense but if it makes her happy then we will continue to let her think that!)  So- here is the reason Mom did not purchase the bunny tea pot.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The boys have news and some gripes and Emily suffers a visual atrocity

 Hello felines and their peoples,  It is Oscar reporting from a sunny window.   The sun is deceptive as the sunnier it is the colder it be.    Thankfully, I don't have to go outside and can just have wonderful naps.  Cold weather is the best for cozy naps!  Mom is on staycation mode and had a massage booked for this week ....she had back spasms several years ago and massage seems to be doing the trick for her.  Thank goodness because when her back hurts we felines suffer!!
 It's very soothing at her massage place--there is a heated blanket and soft music.   After she treated herself by going to pick up a scone!
 There were a couple of choices and she finally selected the white chocolate and raspberry.
 Some day she even hopes to sit down in front of this fire and have her scone.   She had just finished shopping at the thrift store, though, and wanted to enjoy her scone with us as company!
 Hi all.  It's my turn now.  I have a gripe or two to relate and it's mostly concerning a hyperactive fluff ball who is NOT me.   It's that Emily.  Don't misunderstand me I like her and all (maybe I ever like her a whole lot!) but she doesn't know the meaning of boundaries.  
 See-this is Emily in my laundry basket.  I'm supposed to be the one who gets to fur up the freshly laundered clothes.  Emily now steals it away from me.
 Plus-see that bulge in the shower curtain.  Emily.  Again.  Mom said if she didn't know better she would think "something" was behind there ...something scarifying!  Speaking of which --it's Emily's turn now---

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chilly Days are meant for cuddling and reading and....

 Oh, hello there.  Emily in a flirty mood today.  Mom is in a bit of a grouch.  Something about water pipes bursting because of the cold and no water...blah blah blah...As long as my feline needs are being met all is right with my world!   It has, and is, very cold.  Mom cranks up the heat and puts on extra socks with her slippers.   She is reading up a storm, too!  In the last week she has read through three books!   She is also starting another one today and hopes to continue on through this week.  She is on another staycation and has a big stack of library books to go through.
 This snowman was at the park.  Mom said he looked happy but she didn't want to go wading through knee deep snow to get any closer.  I'm a bit embarrassed to say our Mom may be a bit of a wimp!
 In order to keep Mom's spirits up I decided to sleep closer to the boys.  It made her very happy to see me snoozing so close to the boy brats a few days ago.  If I had known how comfy the sofa was I may have even done it sooner!  Mom is also considering buying a heated kitty bed for Oscar as his arthritic leg seems to be bothering him.  She has never bought one before, though, and isn't sure about the whole thing.  She has been heating her muscle pads and then wrapping it in a towel and placing it on Oscar's ouchy leg.  Mom likes to think it is helping.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Keeping Cozy

 Good morning all.  I've decided to disrupt my much needed nap to keep you all up to date on our feline life.   I sure hope Mom appreciates my efforts!  The weather here is still quite wintery.  In fact, Mom even hauled out her colorful, bulky socks recently to walk through her errands.
 She says the colors look warm to her and keep her toes warm. 
 She trudged through the snow to do her grocery shopping and appointments.
 She loves to walk through the park even on winter days.
 She says the quiet is soothing.  But what she finds even more soothing is once her errands are done!
 She likes to rest in front of the fire (it's a DVD, folks!--silly woman!) and read and read and then read some more!
 She takes breaks to play with that wild Emily kitty!
 She turns on the water in the bathroom for Oscar.  Emily has decided she also loves the dripping water faucet so Oscar gets company now!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day

Hello all!   It's Emily today to tell you what has been going on.  First off, Mommy and some friends went out yesterday afternoon to help a friend celebrate a birthday.  
They had a yummy meal and the birthday girl received a brownie cupcake with whipped cream.  There was even a sparkler on top.   Mom said it was beautiful!  After that they went out for a bit of shopping.  First on the agenda was a pit stop at Chapters.  
Mom saw lots of books there she wanted but she wants to see if she can get the titles for free at the library first.  Clever Mom.  Always trying to find a way to buy us felines more treats!   This book made her giggle.   That woofie is crazy pants, I think!
Mom also loved this pitcher.  She thought it looked fresh and spring like.  She was good again and resisted the temptation to purchase.  She did find a book she liked on the bargain shelf and with her reward points was able to buy that book for $1.99.  Mom may also have picked up some tea.  She just can't seem to help herself when it comes to tea, folks and felines.
So, now on to Monday and the bad storm.  Mom found out that her workplace was closed for the day and she had a snow day!  She bundled up in her warmest clothes and headed out.
 These are stairs covered in snow.  We think it looks a bit like a ski run!