Sunday, January 28, 2018

Laundry and Attitude

 Hello all.  Winston reporting from a laundry basket filled with clean, warm bed sheets!  We hope you are well.  Emily and I are doing fine.
 We enjoy cuddling and racing about on cold, wintery days.   This photo from Mom's walk to work.  The morning was beautiful. 
 Here is a funny from Pinterest.   Well, Mom thought it was funny.  Emily and I thought it looked about right!
 Hello from Emily .  I'm watching snowflakes fall outside.   Mom said I looked very intent.
 Mom almost bought this ballerina piggy recently.   Sheesh.   I'm surprised it was even something she thought about.    A stuffed piggy with a crown and a tutu.
 I have a crown!  Plus I purr.   I also have oodles of attitude.   Stupid plushie toy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Everything All At Once

 Hi.  It's Emily.   Just popping in quickly to say hello.  I hope everyone is doing well.
 Mom is desperately trying to keep up with life right now.  Major changes.   She is tired.   Winston and  decided to let her out of our online journal responsibilities for a bit.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Easing Back into the Routine

(New Year Card from Pinterest)

 Happy New Year!  Emily and I hope everyone had a nice New Year's Eve.  Our's was quiet.  More room for naps!  It's time to start easing back into "routine"
 It's been so cold here the last couple of weeks.  Mom has cranked up the heat and then worries about this strange thing called a "bill".   We are glad she does turn it up, though.   Mom says we need to keep warm with tea, slippers etc.
 Brrrr....slate grey sky in early morning.
 Sudden snow flurry.  Tend not to last too long.
 Hello now from Miss Emily.  I am going to show you a photo that has nothing to do with winter.
 Pink flower!  Mom took this photo a few years ago.