Monday, November 30, 2015

Santa's gonna fly over my house

Hello all.  It's Emily.   Well, remember when I told you earlier I may have had a bit too much fun and was concerned I would get nothing for Christmas.   You were all very kind and said that I had plenty of time to make up for it.   But today...I'm not so sure.
 Today the Mom person got an e-mail from the library.

Apparently, a book was returned with kitty teeth marks on  the front cover
AND they are charging the Mom to replace the book.

I just took little bites on the corner. Mom didn't even
notice it until she saw the book at the library.
Right away she suspected me.


 This is the delicious book that was damaged.   Mom said she never even got a chance to read it.   Well, Mom, look at this way.   Once you pay for it you get to take the book home for keeps.  I may, or may not, continue to nibble on the delicious cover.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kitty Elf Names

Hello all.   We felines are getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season.  Kitty chores for us include, but are not limited to: inspecting Christmas gifts, knocking ornaments onto  the floor, flattening wrapping paper and reminding the Mum person what we need for Christmas.
However, we were distressed on day to discover that Mom has assigned us kitty elf names.   
Apparently, my Winston kitty elf name is:
Festive Pickle-Pants!
I was aghast!   
Mom just giggled.
Here is how to discover what should be your kitty Elf name!
 Oscar likes to indulge in the nip.  Since our Mom is being so silly who can blame him!  His Elf name is
Elfie Pointy-Ears. undignified.
*as an aside-Perhaps Oscar is feeling too mellow to care.  He just had another spa day and the vet tech said he even liked the warm bath part.  His favorite part is still the soft warm towels!  I suppose he can tolerate Elfie Pointy-Ears for the holiday season.*
 Finally, Miss Emily.   Miss Emily takes her chore of knocking Christmas ornaments onto the floor very seriously!  She should be amply rewarded on Christmas morning with many treats  for all her troubles!   Her name for the Christmas season is
Squeezy Snow-Bum.
Tee hee.  I, Winston, found that quite amusing.   Emily didn't find it the least bit funny, though.  

I will close with this photo of the downtown area all lit up for Christmas.   Much of the snow melted this morning but there is more on the way.   We thought we should close by telling you our Mom's Elf Name--
Pixie Tinsel-Shoes.
All I can say is she deserves it.
Purrs for a great week.
Winston kitty
Festive Pickle-Pants

Monday, November 16, 2015

Miss Emily, a Christmas tree and the Naughty List

 Hello.  Miss Emily here this morning.  I'm cleaning my furs after a busy weekend.   The Mom has her teeny tiny Christmas tree up now.
 Here I am snoopervising the work.  Her sisters came down to help.   Mom feels it is too early but it is the only Saturday that worked for everybody.
 I get to pose with the tree on the table!   I do enjoy being naughty!
 Oscar has found a new toy.   He was carrying the catnip toy around until it was drenched it kitty spit.  
 I will close with a few more Christmas scenes.   This tiny stained glass window catcher Mom saw in a store...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fluffy feline tummy

Ahhh!  Is it Monday again all ready?    But I'm still tired!   Excuse me whilst I just recline elegantly on the carpet and wait for a belly rub?   *Hello!*  Isn't there anybody out there brave enough to give my tummy furs a tickle?   Guess I'll have to be patient.
Almost all of the leaves are gone now from the trees.   Mom has a hard time finding me a leaf to chomp on these days!
The Mom person is learning lots about senior kitty care these days.  Oscar needs helps with grooming.   She has lots of extra face clothes to wipe his chin and face. 
She does try to take tea breaks, though.   She says tea helps with just about everything.   For myself, though, I say naps, treats and a tummy rub!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome November

 Salutations all!   Winston kitty in guardian kitty mode today. 
The Mom was thankful to have a nice weekend!  She took lots of walks...many of the trees were bare of their leaves.  However, there are still some trees in full autumn color.
When she comes back home from one of her long walks she heads straight to the tea cupboard.  She savored her last cup of hot cinnamon spice tea.   Yes, her favorite tea tin is empty.  Mind you -she has plenty of other teas she can try but this one is, paws down, her favorite.
 We felines were a bit concerned at first...humans without tea can be grumpy.  We then decided, after our brief conference, that we would try to help by giving an extra snuggle or two.

Here is Miss Emily dreaming of one of her favorite things...
The squirrels are pudgy and active here.   I might also add they are incredibly cheeky.   It's almost like they are taunting us felines as we watch them out the window!