Monday, September 26, 2016

Too much fun for a Monday

 "Go away Emily.  It's Monday and I don't feel like playing"

 "I just want to ease into the day."
 Uh oh.   Emily, I  think he means it!
* Fluff flying. Paws smacking. *
 Emily, I think Winston let you win.   ;)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Silver lining somewhere!

 Hello everyone.   Just a quick visit from us today.  Our secretary is in a rush to get ready for work.   We hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Did anyone see the harvest moon?  Our Mom missed it!
 She was happy to be off this weekend.   We made sure she took extra special care of us between errands and chores.
 Hello.  Miss Emily now!  Mom's appointment for root canal (2nd consultation) is later this week.   I try to soothe her with my gentlest headbops.   If that doesn't help, I distract her with crazy running or fighting with Winston.  It's all for the greater good, kitties!
 Not everything is dreaded dentist visits, though.  The Mom has 2 weeks of vacation coming up soon.   She is hoping the leaves start changing soon!  She wants to get out there with her "big girl" camera...the one with the lenses!
 Mom thinks its cute when we cuddle.   Though I don't think Oscar appreciates my efforts to keep him snuggled up!
 Mom is glad it's another stay at home kind of vacation.  Those dentists are very expensive. 
 But we think Mom can still have a relaxing, frugal time off.  Right?!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Paws Crossed for Cuddle Weather

 Hello.  It's Oscar.  This photo of me made our Mom squee a tiny bit.  She thought I was looking extra handsome!
 We felines have been trying to keep out of mischief.  Sometimes we even succeed for a few minutes!  This photo is a sunset from a few days ago!
 There are a few signs of autumn!  Mom is so excited.  It's her favorite season.
 Hello from grumpy Winston.  Mom loves my Buddha boy pose.   I can't say I appreciate a flash going off in my face though. Hmpff!   A few days ago the Mom person couldn't sleep so she started cleaning in the wee hours--about four am.   When she went outside to put out some trash she saw this on the side porch....
 a Monarch butterfly!   Mom, being so tired and not wearing her glasses, thought it was a piece of paper at first.  She was so excited to see the butterfly.  She popped back upstairs to get her camera and take a photo or two.  Then she gently moved him a bit to the side.  He was resting right in front of the door!   He flew off by morning light!
 Yep!   The Mom enjoys the cooler temperatures and golden colors of autumn the best.  A bit more news for everyone is that our Grandma's feline, Pearl, is starting to eat a bit more and is more active.   Grandma finally found a wet food Miss Pearl enjoyed.   Both Mom and Grandma are relieved.   Pearl is going to the vet soon for her annual needle and will probably get weighed as well.  We will keep you posted!
 Purrs from Miss Emily!  I am very comfy in this photo!   Yes, we, too , are looking forward to snuggle weather.  Our Mom is a bit discombobulated lately.  She needs a root canal and they can't see her until the end of November.  That makes her feel pretty ouchie!
We haven't seen the geese head south yet.  We are just trying to distract her grumbling tooth with happy seasonal photos!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hooray for long weekends!!

 Ahem!   Can't you see I'm wanting a little quiet time, Mom?   Heavens to mergatroid!  
 OK...fine!   Winston kitty here!   Interrupting his much needed Labor Day nap to keep you all posted!  If you think the bags under my eyes are a bit too pronounced, well, you can all blame the Mom person!
 Mom actually had this long weekend off.  It's her first one all year and she was very excited!  She made good use of the time, though!   On her walk back from the grocery store she popped into a new little bakery/cafe.   Could any of your humans resist the siren call of baked goods?
 Well, our Mom certainly could not!   She came home with a carrot salad and an herb and goat cheese scone.   Goodness, from the way she made little happy munching sighs you would have thought it was a seafood flavored Temptation treat!   She said something about going back for more and having it with tomato soup!
 It's still very summer-y but the nights have been a bit cooler.   The Mom likes autumn sweater weather the best!
 See this cheeky girl?  Miss Emily sniffing my box.  She thinks I don't notice, but I do!  It's only because I am gentleman that I allow here to visit it at all!
 We have also been getting more rain!   Phew.  Just in time for autumn, the plants are turning green again!
 This toe belongs to Mom.  She said it was one of the items on her slow summer list!   She always wanted to dip her toes in a fountain.  Before she sat down, though, she looked to the right and to the left.  When nobody was in sight, she slipped off her sandal and enjoyed the cool, silky smooth water.
 A rose by a fence on her walk home from the grocery store.  She said there wasn't much scent but it was very pretty.
 Oscar kitty here.   Winston thinks he can monopolize everything!   I tend to sleep most of the day.  I still make sure Mom gives me fresh water at my favorite water bowl.   Sometimes she changes it up to 6 or 7 times a day because I meow for fresh water until I get it!  
This feline was on a beautiful porch with a daybed looked so cozy and inviting.  Mom almost didn't see the cat.  I think he looks nervous.   If he knew our Mom like we did I think he would have felt better.
 I'll close with this photo of Winston after her escaped into the hall.  Mom says he is a brat.   Well, yeah, I could have told her that!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Introducing a new feline--Pearl

 Miss Emily for a quick visit.  Remember this photo of me cuddling with "Grandma".   I decided to let her cuddle me because she has had such a difficult year with her hubby passing away in March and her woofie passing away in May. I think my cuddle must have convinced her that felines can be sweet and loving too because she got a feline of her own.  Please meet Pearl!