Monday, September 12, 2016

Paws Crossed for Cuddle Weather

 Hello.  It's Oscar.  This photo of me made our Mom squee a tiny bit.  She thought I was looking extra handsome!
 We felines have been trying to keep out of mischief.  Sometimes we even succeed for a few minutes!  This photo is a sunset from a few days ago!
 There are a few signs of autumn!  Mom is so excited.  It's her favorite season.
 Hello from grumpy Winston.  Mom loves my Buddha boy pose.   I can't say I appreciate a flash going off in my face though. Hmpff!   A few days ago the Mom person couldn't sleep so she started cleaning in the wee hours--about four am.   When she went outside to put out some trash she saw this on the side porch....
 a Monarch butterfly!   Mom, being so tired and not wearing her glasses, thought it was a piece of paper at first.  She was so excited to see the butterfly.  She popped back upstairs to get her camera and take a photo or two.  Then she gently moved him a bit to the side.  He was resting right in front of the door!   He flew off by morning light!
 Yep!   The Mom enjoys the cooler temperatures and golden colors of autumn the best.  A bit more news for everyone is that our Grandma's feline, Pearl, is starting to eat a bit more and is more active.   Grandma finally found a wet food Miss Pearl enjoyed.   Both Mom and Grandma are relieved.   Pearl is going to the vet soon for her annual needle and will probably get weighed as well.  We will keep you posted!
 Purrs from Miss Emily!  I am very comfy in this photo!   Yes, we, too , are looking forward to snuggle weather.  Our Mom is a bit discombobulated lately.  She needs a root canal and they can't see her until the end of November.  That makes her feel pretty ouchie!
We haven't seen the geese head south yet.  We are just trying to distract her grumbling tooth with happy seasonal photos!

We hope everyone has a nice week filled with just the right amount of fun and rest.   Too much of one or the other can be unpleasant!
We hope to pop by the blogs sometime soon.
the kitty brats  (purrwowza!)
Oscar, Winston and Miss Emily


  1. I love these cooler days too. So much more energy! Your Mom captured a wonderful photo of the butterfly. Hope she feels better soon with her tooth!

    1. Yes, I feel more "alive" too when the air is fresh, cool and crisp.
      That Monarch butterfly is the first one she has seen all summer! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Your mom saw a Monarch too, that's wonderful! There seem to be so few this year.

    Gorgeous sunset sky and park. Of course all of you are gorgeous, that's obvious! :-)

    As for your mom needing a root canal...Your human and ours are living the same life right now. Our biped's consult for the root canal is this Thursday morning, she has no idea how long it will take before the actual appointment. She did finish the antibiotics last Friday and hopes that's cleared up the bone infection, though. Does your own mom have an infection too? If so, we hope she's been on meds as well!

    Purrs to you all for a good week.

  3. Oscar, you are definitely looking handsome today.

  4. Sorry to hear about your dental issue; hope your dentist office knows to let you about any cancellations between now and November! Oscar does look very squee, and glad to hear Pearl may be perking up. I am envious of your Monarch butterfly sighting...I haven't seen one yet.

  5. Yippee for news of Pearl! Our Mom's favorite time of year is coming up, too. Snuggle weather is the best!

  6. I love Winston's pose, but you are all adorable. Fall is my favorite too.