Monday, May 30, 2016

Cafes, Naps, and Feline Thievery (uh oh)!

Good morning.   Oscar here.   I am enjoying a nice snooze on the back of the sofa.   As some of you know the Mom person was off last week.   It was nice to have her here.  I've created a lovely new game for her to play.  I call it-make sure your water is ALWAYS fresh.   I will stand in front of my favorite water bowl and meow or, even better, look mournful, until Mom takes away the dish, rinses it and then refills it.  Only then will I deign to lap the water.   It's very important to note that it doesn't matter if the bowl is already full.  She must do it in front of me.   It's a very satisfying kind of a game.
The Mom person stayed even closer to home.   Her bruised knee was swollen and a bit painful.  However, by Friday, she went to visit a friend at a nice little European style cafe.   Mom ordered a sparkling water with fruit.  It was very refreshing on such a hot, humid day!   It was the first time Mom got out to visit someone at a restaurant and she was so happy to be out!
 Purrs from Emily.  I know I look a bit cross here but it's only because Mom was annoying me with her camera!  How am I supposed to rest with a flash going off in my face.   *sigh*  Yes, the Mom stayed close to home for the most part.   But after a few days she eventually eased out of work mode and settled into her relax mode.   She even colored a bit!
Mom doesn't often get a chance to color but when she does it is relaxing.   She likes choosing from all the different shades of pencil crayons.  
I must confess those pencil crayons speak to me as well!  When Mom wasn't looking I absquatulated one of the crayons...the dark brown one.   Mom caught me trying to drag it under the table.   Don't fret, though,  she can't be around all the time and then one of those lovely colors will be ALL mine!
Head bops from Winston now.   I don't want you to get the impression that Mom just read, colored and visited friends at cafes.  Oh no...she also did some small chores that she had to set aside.   One example was her sock drawer!   Here I am supervising the empty drawer!   Hmmmm....I need to sit here for a bit and think about whether her work is up to my exacting standards!   Mom even recycled several socks that didn't have their twin!  
Even Emily helped out!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Overworked, unappreciated felines and kittens

 Hello!  Winston here today to keep you updated about our goings-on.   I love shoes.   The more expensive the shoe the likely I am to have a nice chew on them!   These are Mom's dressier sandals.  I've already managed to bite off the metal logo.  Mom now keeps these shoes up on a high shelf.   It really is too bad for me as they were quite flavorful.
So--guess what.   The Mom is off this week!  Hooray for us!  More treats...maybe.  The Mom person wiped out, face-first, on a sidewalk.  She got a few tiny cuts on her lip and knuckles.   The bruise on her left knee, though, is quite a site.  She has been limping for the past few days.  I have a sinking feeling, fellow felines, that it means our meal serving times may be delayed.
 So...Mom limped her way with some friends to pick up some farm fresh eggs.  They went to the barn...where Mom discovered barn cats!
 This one was tiny and delicate.   Mom said she was beautiful!  What really made her squee was this....
 Can you make them out?  Tiny black kittens with dusky blue eyes.   The photo was grainy as she was afraid that the flash might frighten them.
Now I ask you...why must she goop over some barn cats when she has us!   I tell you that it's not easy being us...first the slower service and now cheating on us with country cats!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Miss Emily Celebrates Birthday Number 3!

 Good morning.   It's Emily and, yes, I recently had a birthday!  If you can believe it the Mom person forgot!   She remembered the day after.  Once Mom realized her horrifying error she set about making reparations!  Mom put out her Koi app on the iPad so I could gaze longingly at the swimming fishes! OK--that helps a bit!    Also,  she gave me extra treats.  The boys only got 2 Temptations and I got 5 pieces....purrs.  But don't think for one moment that I will let her off that, I will not!  I expect a bit more in the line of kitty nip toys etc!
In our last post we said that spring was definitely here.   Mom walked to the grocery store on Saturday and saw many beautiful blooms!  It was a  chilly, windy walk, though, and she wished she had brought mittens!
Hi.  Grumpy Winston here.  Mom made me pose with this heart ornament!  I hate it when she does that...hence my cross expression!  Yes,  it was quite chilly.  On Sunday we had.....

SNOW!!!  It didn't stay on the ground but it sure felt like winter had made a comeback!   We could hear the wind rattling against the windows and Mom even had to turn the heat back on.
I think Oscar had the right idea by cuddling up and snoozing away the day!  I'm going to close with this picture of Emily.   Mom thought I was the only one who did the Buddha boy pose...heehee.   Look at Emily!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Shopping, Spring and Jumping on the sofa!

 Good morning.   It's Winston this morning and I'm enjoying this cozy spot in the cat cupboard.  I think the Mom had been hoping to clean it but that will just have to wait until I'm done here.
 So---spring is definitely hear!  Not only are there chirping birds but flowers are blooming.   Plus, the Mom's allergies have kicked in full force.  She sneezes and sniffles and her eyes get all teary.   It's all most interesting from a feline perspective!

 Purrs from Miss Emily.   I think I look quite lovely.   I stole Mom's chair!   It's nice and warm.   Plus she has her iPad on the table.   Mom found some fun kitty games for us to enjoy!  Three games that I like--a koi pond, a goldfish that swims fast and a mouse with a red dot.   Only she was using that iPad for boring stuff.  So, if she can't share then I'm not giving back her chair!
 This magnolia tree is blooming!   Mom loves the color of the flowers.   I think she should be on the look out for birds in that tree!
 Hello from Oscar.   Saving the best for last.   That is me!  Guess what?  Sometimes I can jump onto the sofa by myself!  Mom was very excited.  My arthritic leg is still an issue but I'm super orange cat!   Mom took this photo of me posing.  See!?  Jumped up here myself!

 The Mom person went out with some friends a few days ago.   She was excited to be able to pick up more of her favorite tea!  She also went all gooey over some silly owl salt and pepper shakers and a new tea tray!  Those chocolates were a gift from a nice lady!  This nice lady, K, is allergic to kitties...but she still gives us amazing ear scritches.  Only she washes her hands right after.   Since she is allergic we like to make sure and give her extra love and attention to make sure she knows we don't hold that against her. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Zen Felines

 Hello.   Oscar here reporting from one of my favorite spots in the world-the open fridge!   Sometimes I stand here for several minutes just contemplating the deeper things of life.  It's not always easy to philosophize, though, when I hear the Mom grumble about wasted electricity!  Can I help it if I do my best thinking where there is fresh, brisk air? 
Mom has been a tiny bit grouch lately because of this...
 Construction crews have been tearing apart the road right in front of our building.   One day they even turned off our water.  Thankfully, Mom had extra water for OUR feline needs but it was a long 11 hours.
 Purrs from Emily.  Mom was also a bit grumpy because they started banging so early in the morning and I told her just to take an afternoon nap!   What, Mom?  You are working!? Oh, that is really too bad.  I'll just take a nap for you.    Purrwoza!
 She did see a cute little chippie critter one day on her way home from work.   She thinks they are funny.   I like to encourage her in happy thoughts and if a tiny striped rodent does it for her then so be it!
 Hey all!  Winston having a tummy to the world snooze.  I don't let silly things bother me.  Guess what?   I'm getting my tummy fur shaved later this month in anticipation of warmer summer weather.   It will be clipped and suave!  That's right-I'm styling!