Monday, May 2, 2016

Zen Felines

 Hello.   Oscar here reporting from one of my favorite spots in the world-the open fridge!   Sometimes I stand here for several minutes just contemplating the deeper things of life.  It's not always easy to philosophize, though, when I hear the Mom grumble about wasted electricity!  Can I help it if I do my best thinking where there is fresh, brisk air? 
Mom has been a tiny bit grouch lately because of this...
 Construction crews have been tearing apart the road right in front of our building.   One day they even turned off our water.  Thankfully, Mom had extra water for OUR feline needs but it was a long 11 hours.
 Purrs from Emily.  Mom was also a bit grumpy because they started banging so early in the morning and I told her just to take an afternoon nap!   What, Mom?  You are working!? Oh, that is really too bad.  I'll just take a nap for you.    Purrwoza!
 She did see a cute little chippie critter one day on her way home from work.   She thinks they are funny.   I like to encourage her in happy thoughts and if a tiny striped rodent does it for her then so be it!
 Hey all!  Winston having a tummy to the world snooze.  I don't let silly things bother me.  Guess what?   I'm getting my tummy fur shaved later this month in anticipation of warmer summer weather.   It will be clipped and suave!  That's right-I'm styling!

I'll close with this serene photo of early spring at the park.   No shaking apartment, lots of water and singing birds!
Purrs to all for a purrfect week!


  1. Oh noes! We humans really hate loud noises early in the day, and having our water turned off! Bet a nice, new street will be nice someday, however. Oscar, Chucky likes to sit in the open 'frig too!

  2. That last picture is lovely!! I am sure all the noise will be over soon, hopefully!!! I do my best thinking in front of food too! MOL

  3. Oscar, you have prime real estate there, smack in front of the fridge! Maybe there was a treat in there for you?

    The construction looks to be a pain in the furry butt, what with the noise, dust, and NO WATER. Yikes! We hope it won't be ongoing all spring/summer.

    Mr Chippie is a cutie (our human likes chipmunks too) and the park scene is lovely. Our human would love a setting like that to walk through every day. :-)

    Purrs and peace.

  4. Sorry to hear about the noise problem, hope it ends soon. Hope you kitties have a great day.

  5. We think your spot in front of the fridge is pretty darn neat. It's YOURS! Keep it.

  6. Mum does not like road work either.
    Last Summer they replaced the road in our area.
    It took months and she was always delayed on the way home :/
    Our supper was late!
    We purr the noise will stop soon. Good think you kitties can snooze ;)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. EMily, we thought your afternoon nap idea was PURRfection.

  8. Wow, Oscar! You must be a furry self-controlled kitty to be able to sit in front of an open fridge without diving in (mol).

  9. How sweet of you to take a nap for your Mom while she is working.

  10. Oscar, we think that is a great idea to get some cool air out of the fridge. Emily, we love our afternoon naps and you are so nice to do that for your Mom. You all have a great day.

  11. Great photos! Hope that construction is over soon for all of you.

  12. We have a huge store and condo unit that is being built across our street.It is a two year project and has been going on for a year now. The workers arrive at 6 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m. Since I work from is really awful! Hope that makes you feel better :p

    the critters in the cottage xo