Monday, May 9, 2016

Shopping, Spring and Jumping on the sofa!

 Good morning.   It's Winston this morning and I'm enjoying this cozy spot in the cat cupboard.  I think the Mom had been hoping to clean it but that will just have to wait until I'm done here.
 So---spring is definitely hear!  Not only are there chirping birds but flowers are blooming.   Plus, the Mom's allergies have kicked in full force.  She sneezes and sniffles and her eyes get all teary.   It's all most interesting from a feline perspective!

 Purrs from Miss Emily.   I think I look quite lovely.   I stole Mom's chair!   It's nice and warm.   Plus she has her iPad on the table.   Mom found some fun kitty games for us to enjoy!  Three games that I like--a koi pond, a goldfish that swims fast and a mouse with a red dot.   Only she was using that iPad for boring stuff.  So, if she can't share then I'm not giving back her chair!
 This magnolia tree is blooming!   Mom loves the color of the flowers.   I think she should be on the look out for birds in that tree!
 Hello from Oscar.   Saving the best for last.   That is me!  Guess what?  Sometimes I can jump onto the sofa by myself!  Mom was very excited.  My arthritic leg is still an issue but I'm super orange cat!   Mom took this photo of me posing.  See!?  Jumped up here myself!

 The Mom person went out with some friends a few days ago.   She was excited to be able to pick up more of her favorite tea!  She also went all gooey over some silly owl salt and pepper shakers and a new tea tray!  Those chocolates were a gift from a nice lady!  This nice lady, K, is allergic to kitties...but she still gives us amazing ear scritches.  Only she washes her hands right after.   Since she is allergic we like to make sure and give her extra love and attention to make sure she knows we don't hold that against her. 

We will close with this photo of morning light in a tiny park.   This was taken last year but the Mom says it makes her feel hopeful when she sees it.  We wish the same thing for you and your felines.
Purrs and head bops
Oscar, Winston and Miss Emily


  1. That last one is a very nice picture. And you are right - hoomins totally need to wait on US. PS: mom says we make her sneeze too but she luffs us anyway.

  2. Hi guys, it's great to see you all. Oscar, you look good there, it's awesome you still can jump up by yourself sometimes.

    Our human totally loves that tray, it's so "her." She actually saw an awesome solid wood tray with a pretty garden image on it at Value Village yesterday, only $4.99, but talked herself out of it. She's trying to get rid of stuff...not accumulate more stuff. She's a bit sorry she let it go, though, just the same. Tell your mom to make sure she keeps her and enjoys it every day!

    Take care and have a great week!

    Purrs and peace.

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  4. Mum's favourite tree is the magnolia.

  5. You look amazing, all three of you.Oscar and Winston are so handsome and Miss Emily is such a beauty!
    Purrs and noserubs and kitty kissies from all of Us to all of You.

  6. How lovely to see all three of you. Mom Paula loves the hydrangeas.

  7. Oscar has a real "spring" in his step, hooray! Maybe you all has spring fever!!! We love spring here too, especially when we get to hang out in our sunny rain. Today was rainy but mom bean says the sun will come back soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Flowers and kitties! What could be better?! And the chocolate and tea don't hurt either...Glad to see that everyone is happy and well :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Nice job of jumping, Oscar! Emily, you are a cutie, and Winston is just the fluffiest! How wonderful that spring finally arrived! Yay!

  10. Such lovely photos! We LOVE magnolias. And cats, too, of course. :)