Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Tulmultuous Month

Hello All! Willow and Emily send purrs. We had a couple of snowstorms since last we touched base. It isn't fun to try and walk to work in a storm but I find the snow makes everything beautiful. I also walked home in freezing rain a couple of times. My boot grip popped off my boot one icy night and I immediately began to slide down the sidewalk. Yikes! I would rather walk in a snow storm than an ice storm any day.
Shortly after all the weather excitement, I got the flu. Bleh. It has been going on for a month. I am mostly better but still dealing with a persistant cough. Thankfully, I had an "Ick Box" on standby filled with tea, kleenex, cough syrup and soup. I am also blessed with some amazing friends who looked out for me while I was resentfully forcing myself not to do stuff and get better soon. Emily and Willow were amazing feline nurses. Emily showed me how to chill while also showing off her adorable toe tufts.
Willo was an excellent feline foot warmer while I had chills. I did get a very fuzzy photo of her "splooting" on my legs.
I went to the mall recently with a friend and lost my wallet. My friend helped me to retrace my steps to locate it but no luck. I finally ended up locking/cancelling all the necessary cards. We went back to the mall one last time and, guess what, someone had turned in my wallet. Thank goodness! If it is all right with the universe I would like to request some dull, boring weeks. Hoping to come visit your blogs soon. Emily and Willow send purrs. Ending with a funny from Pinterest