Monday, June 29, 2015

A relaxing and rainy weekend

Good morning.   Emily here enjoying Mom's umbrella.   It rained almost all weekend.   It didn't stop the Mom from doing her errands, though.   Winston and I love sheltering under the drying umbrella!
Mom also had a fun trip to a bakery and cafe to visit with a friend.   She loves to see raindrops on petals!
If she takes a photo, though, she needs to put down her umbrella so she can hold the camera with both hands.   Some people might be a bit more coordianted than that and could take a photo with one hand...*sigh--we love her anyway!*
This particular umbrella is quite big and makes her smile because underneath it is a soft sunny yellow and the words "when does it start raining men?"     Silly lady! 

She made it safely, though a bit damp, at the cafe

Monday, June 8, 2015

Grumpy Mom

 Hello all.   We are here to tell you our Mom is grumpy!   Goodness.   Her computer is in the shop and she is not sure when it will be back.
 This is how our Mom looks...all grumpity.   We gave her some extra purrs, though.   Purrs have amazing healing powers apparently!  Mom always says that when she is sick or sad hearing our purrs may not change the situation but it does help her mood!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Feline Meditation and some flowers

Good Monday morning all.   Mom has decided to try and "quiet" her mind by trying a little mediation.   She got out her yoga mat and a flameless candle and went to get her ipod.   Thankfully, by the time she got back I was feeling all mellow and relaxed!  Why does she need to meditate when she has me, Winston kitty Zen master, around to consult!
The weather here over the weekend was cold, rainy and windy.   So I'm going to show you some of our photos from gentler spring days this past month.
This is here favorite courtyard garden.   Sadly, the gate was locked so she could only take a photo through the spaces at the door.  She did note the irises were blooming, though!
These bleeding hearts were in a friend's back yard!  Here friend, Linda, has quite the green thumb.  
I'll close today's post with this rain drenched violet.   Purrs to all for a great Monday!
the Winston kitty!