Monday, June 29, 2015

A relaxing and rainy weekend

Good morning.   Emily here enjoying Mom's umbrella.   It rained almost all weekend.   It didn't stop the Mom from doing her errands, though.   Winston and I love sheltering under the drying umbrella!
Mom also had a fun trip to a bakery and cafe to visit with a friend.   She loves to see raindrops on petals!
If she takes a photo, though, she needs to put down her umbrella so she can hold the camera with both hands.   Some people might be a bit more coordianted than that and could take a photo with one hand...*sigh--we love her anyway!*
This particular umbrella is quite big and makes her smile because underneath it is a soft sunny yellow and the words "when does it start raining men?"     Silly lady! 

She made it safely, though a bit damp, at the cafe
and then, along with her friend, both ordered a chai latte.  Yum!
We wish you all a lovely week!


  1. We had buckets of rain and wind on Saturday; nice on Sunday. Chuck and Angel run away from open umbrellas, and they don't much like the closed ones either!

  2. Rain, rain.... it's actually good, helps keep the hots down, and we have had so much of that lately.

  3. Wow...rain...we could use some. Men or otherwise, says Mommy!!

  4. We has had no rain here for days, it makes mom bean sad, and she says the water bill gets higher. Enjoy the rain (and the umbrella)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Such a beauty and the latte looks yummy.

  6. That latte looks familiar... :-) Glad you had a good day, despite the rain!!

  7. It's been very hot here. Have a good week.

  8. Love all the photos! What a beautiful girl Emily is :) Send some rain our way (did we actually say that?!!). It has been too hot for too long here in Vancouver!!

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. LP ays she would rather it rained kittens than men!! :p

  9. Emily, we love that picture of you under Mum's umbrella. And we're glad she had fun being out, even with the rain. :)